A mini stepper plays a supporting but important role with your other home gym types of equipment. It makes a great combination with your home cardio exercise to achieve your muscles improvement goal.

Mini steppers work as the low impact cardio exercises and strengthen muscles of legs, hips, and core.

There are two kinds of mini stepper available in the market first is standard mini stepper which uses only up and down movement and the second is twisted mini stepper which also uses side motion for more glutes.

Things considered before buying a mini stepper

  • If the machine has adjustable resistance.
  • Different movements machine provides like twisting motions, cycle slightly, heel drop positions, etc.
  • Adjustable height. Someday if you want to go harder then you would have the option to increase the height.
  • Inclusion of a resistance band or not. Using a resistance band with lightweight stepping provides upper body exercise too.
  • Warranty period.

Top 10 Mini Steppers

Here we are providing reviews summary of some of the best mini steppers. You can choose the best suitable one for you.

1. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

This is a simple and reliable mini stepper very good for the home gym. It feels good and made of top quality material. It is known for its simplicity doesn’t have many fancy features. It provides long durability that it becomes an important member of your home. 

Xiser mini Stairmaster with its longer length provides good stability. The weight is a maximum 400 IBS and made of aircraft aluminum which is strong and durable. It has adjustable resistance.

It comes with 5 years warranty. The hydraulic cylinder is in perfect hight. 

The minus point with it is that is doesn’t include a resistance band and a display.

2. Sunny Mini Stepper 

Sunny Health and fitness mini stepper have come with a resistance band. This is a solid stepper machine good for a full-body workout. 

Instead of circular elliptical, it has up and down motion for better balance and the resistance band makes that balance perfect. Hydraulic steps provide smooth stepping. It has an LCD monitor you can track your stats. 

If you will find resistance band not providing enough resistance and you preferred heavyweight and The resistance band is removal you can add another for your comfort. 

3. Go-plus Air Climber

This garage stepper is an advanced version of mini steppers. Built with strong and quality material it provides sturdiness and stability.

It has a display that can record your workout stats. It has 2 resistance bands more than mini steppers. The anti-slip pedal is wide enough and the base is also wide to provide stability in the machine.

The machine restricted to room temperature to perform means, if the temperature is warmer than it can make the workout smoother and on the other side cooler surroundings you feel it harder to work out. One more con the machine has is the resistance band is not so adjustable.

4. Gold’s Gym Stepper 

This mini stepper is good for beginners who come under a good budget. Although it doesn’t have the resistance band this is very comfortable to stand and take steps. 

It has an electronic display that you can track your taken time and burned calories. It comes a maximum of 250 Ibs weight. The standing base is perfectly wide and the surface is anti-slippery. 

For being an entry-level mini stepper It doesn’t have fancy features but this is a reliable and solid machine.

5. Sunny Twist-in Stepper with Handlebar

This mini stepper comes with a handle on it to make balanced. Made with solid material this is an entry-level stepper machine. 

The handle comes as quite adjustable with comfortable padded grips. It comes with an LCD that attaches on its handle that you can record your strides and steps, count your calories and time. It has Incorporated twisted motion. 

The only con it has that it doesn’t come with the resistance band but has the handle for those who have balance issues.

6. Exerpeutic 850 Mini Stepper

This mini stepper is a smart stepper modern generation that liked it and give it a positive response. It has excellent stepping motion which keeps your legs flat. 

This machine has Bluetooth connectivity and you can connect with its My Cloud Fitness App. It provides the highest step height of 10″ and the hight is adjustable that you can practice with different heights. 

It has an LCD display and comes with 250 Ibs maximum weight. The only negative point with it is that it doesn’t support the resistance straps.

This is a very smooth going stepping machine. You can step freely to give your body a free motion walking style.

7. Flexispot Stepper

Another home gym stepper distributed by sunny health and fitness. This is one of the most recognizable and flat stand-up steppers.

Made with solid steel material This home exercise stepper provides smooth, comfortable stepping motion. It also has an electronic monitor workout tracker. 

Somehow you can use resistance but will find so adjustable. Some users find it little squeaky and require to lube timely.

Overall this is a good, sturdy mini stepper that comes under your budget.

8. Efitment Fitness Stepper

Another solid and reliable mini stepper well designed for home workout. Made with good quality material comes under a good budget.

The pedal height of it is adjustable that you can go with more depth while stepping. The design of the surface makes the pedals the non-slip pedals. It has an LCD monitor workout tracker.

The only negative point is it doesn’t have a resistance band.

Overall this is a good stepper that takes minimum space and money. 

9. LocTec FP1 Exercise Stepper

This mini stepper machine is good for more muscles movement and activation. Made with solid and sturdy material this home gym machine got a strong design.

The FP1 has many good and advanced features like display screen to count your steps, calories burn and time is taken. Its Hydraulic pistons create low impact stepping and the large foot surface is resistant to any kind of slip while stepping.

The minus point with this machine is that it is not so adjustable with its tension and it all depends on your body weight for smooth going. And the second thing is a little costly.

People happy with the result this machine provide but the price is a factor. With the same or lesser price you could have a better mini stepper machine.

10. Harvil Mini Twist Stepper

This mini stepper is good for beginner and for who want to expense less initially. This machine is very decent it has an LCD display, adjustable Resistance, and large foot surface to avoid any kind of slip while exercising.

This mini stepper is very compact and versatile. It provides a low impact workout. 

This machine is designed by Harvil which is one of the best creative designers in the USA. 

The only minus point that is come under a very short warranty period.

Overall this is a well-designed machine that comes under budget and good for home use.


Everyone has a different body type and has different fitness goals. Adding Mini steppers into your exercise means you were adding a circuit training that takes a few minutes and generate energy smoothly in no time.

Before buying a mini stepper you should try and check different models with their features.