The importance of health has increased with time and with up-gradation in technology there is also up-gradation in the health as there is also up-gradation in the health technology. So because of this there are so many health apps that are available in the market and that will tell you everything regarding your health and you will be able to know if anything is wrong with you just by few clicks.

In this article, we will discuss the best 5 health apps that are available in the market for us and has all the features that are necessary for the best health app.

5 Best Health Apps

Top 5 Health Apps

The best 5 health apps that are available in the market for the betterment of human health and also that are user friendly and have all sorts of features that one needs in a health app are listed as below:

1. HealthTap

The health Tap is considered one of the best health apps because of the various features that it has to offer to people. The best feature is that it provides immediate assistance from the doctors and also you can get advice and even treatment at any time of the day. The app is user-friendly as just simply asking a question related to your problem you will get the treatment within 24 hours and the answer to your question would be confidential.

Also, another amazing feature of the Health Tap is that you can even contact the doctor over a video call, voice call, or chat in real-time, but for this service, you need to pay. The history of your health would be collected such as treatments, prescriptions, etc. The Health Tap is an easy way to connect to the doctor without much hassle.

2. Health Mate

The Health Mate is the best health app because it is a total health tracking app and it can track everything by collecting the data from your medical history and which also includes your weight, sleeping schedule, and other daily activities. The app will collect all the health-related data and will check your daily trends and will notify you if there should be some sort of variations in your daily routine so that you can live a healthy.

You can easily motor your blood pressure, weight and even will notify you when you need to sleep and get up. The Health Mate is your best mate regarding your health and will always guide you so that you can keep up with your health.

3. Fooducate

The Fooducate is an amazing health-related app because it guides you to have the perfect nutrition so that you can live a healthy life. There are about 250,000 foods that you can compare on this app and can easily understand that which food is nutritious for you and which is not. There are also features where you can compare good food versus bad food and even it also helps in tracking your food intake, the exercises, and other things related to this.

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From this tracking, you can get the food recommendations that are good for you and your body. Also, there is a community of people with whom you can interact and also get some guidance. The Fooducate is best for people who want to have proper food diet so that they can know what they are eating and is that good for them or not.

4. Headspace

Headspace is also one of the best apps and this app is basically a meditation app. As we know that in today’s time we are having lots of stress and we need to deal with them as all this leads to anxiety so this meditation app is good for our mental health. Headspace has a variety of meditations that helps you in calming down and also you can customize the various programs according to your needs.

The Headspace app also sends you notifications regarding breathing exercises so that you can calm down even in tough situations. Headspace is one of the best apps for meditation purposes.

5. Home Workout

The Home Workout is an outstanding app as the name suggests for exercising and is also the best app for beginners. There are many exercises on this home workout app that you can follow and do daily from the ease of your home. You can find various videos related to exercises, training sessions, etc.

You do not have to spend money on any sort of equipment just for exercises that are on this home workout app and can easily stay fit by following them properly. The home workout app is best if you want to exercise from the ease of your home without spending much time in the gym.

These are the best 5 health apps that you can find in the market with all sorts of features and also a user-friendly interface which makes them the best of their competitors.


Health is an important factor in our lives so we cannot ignore it and by these health apps, we can track our health so that we can easily know what is wrong with us or what we can do to enhance our health.


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