Backache is a problem for all ages, except the kids.  This pain is more like the toothache as you cannot ignore it. It will stay with you through day and night. It will reach your nerves and will make you uncomfortable through all the situations.

If you are reading this article, that means you have tried and tested many of the possible measures to get rid of the vicious back pain. It may have cost you quite a few bucks too, but may not have possibly got rid of the pain. Lower back pain causes serious kind of trouble and it makes you irritated.

There are various causes of this pain. It can be caused due to bad postures, sedentary lifestyle issues, age, body weight and some medical reasons like kidney stones, pregnancy or fibromyalgia.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back is a sensitive body part and when you are in pain, you need to move it with ultimate caution and care. Also do not follow the online suggestions and videos. It is always advised to check with a physician before you actually try the stretches.

Do not rush into any particular type of exercises and do not overdo it. you may not know how much good is being done and how much damage is caused due to the overdoing of any exercise.

Best Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back stretches can help you to get rid of the pain, and relax the muscles. The best lower back muscle stretches are described here for your cure:

Two Knee Twist

Two-Knee Twist
  • To do this you need to lie on the back.
  • Spread your arms either side so your body forms a T shape.
  • Now place the knees together and draw them towards your chest. Keep the core tight and concentrate on the force to draw the muscles of your leg.
  • Press the shoulders firmly to the ground and lower the knees to the left slowly.
  • Stay in that position for 2 minutes and get back to the previous position. If you feel that your feet muscles are hurting while you are keeping your shoulders pinned to the ground then keep the feet on the ground.
  • Now repeat the posture on the other side of the body.

This is a straight and simple lower back stretch which will make your back muscles stretch and relax so the pain is removed from the core.

Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

If you want to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and spinal extensors then you can try this stretch. This posture relieves the tension and pain of your lower back muscles along with the shoulder, spine and neck. The tight muscles get loosened with this stretch and blood circulation is rejuvenated along the spinal area.

  • The pose needs you to rest hands and knees on the ground.
  • Now sink back through the hips and rest them on the heels.
  • Now walk the hands in front of you and hinge at your hips by folding your body forward. Your belly will be rested on your thighs.
  • Extend your arms in front and keep the palms facing up.
  • Breathe deeply and relax the tensed muscles.
  • Stay in this position for 1 minute.

Bird Dog


To make your lower back more mobile you can do this stretching.

  • Start on your hand and knees with a flat back. Imagine your body to be a tabletop shape.
  • Keep the spine in a neutral position, so never arch the back.
  • Hands will be beneath the shoulder and the knees will be under the hips. Now breathe in and breathe out.
  • While breathing, try to raise the other arm and leg.
  • Release the limbs with breathing out before you hold it for five seconds.
  • Stay in the position for five seconds and complete the round with 8 to 10 repetitions, altering sides of arms and limbs.


Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach and keep the forearms facing upside. Now keep the elbows under your shoulder. Weight will be pressed down through the palms and top of the feet. Squeeze the pelvic bone to the ground and breathe deeply. You need to hold the position for two to three minutes depending upon the tenacity. This posture is good for the glute muscles too and will make the back tension free.


Bridge Pose

The name suggests the posture. This posture needs you to make a bridge with your lower body while keeping the arms relaxed on the floor. This stretching will need you to use a mat or towel as you cannot do it on the floor.

  • Lying on your back, bend to your knees,
  • Keep the knees hip wide apart.
  • Breathe in and out slowly.
  • Try to lift your hips by the help of your arms in the form of leverage.
  • Lift the hip-high enough so the hip and the knee come in a similar height.
  • Now your back will form a straight line and will feel a slight stretch.
  • Then lower your back to the ground and repeat this stretch eight to ten times.

Seated twist

Seated Twist

Best stretching for the lower back as observed by the experienced ones and the physicians, this stretching can cure your back pain caused by long drive or a long flight. It will get you relief from the cramps.

  • Sit upright on your mat with your legs extended in front of you.
  • Bend your right knee, then cross your right leg over and place your foot next to your left thigh.
  • Bend your left knee and position your left ankle next to your right glute. Your right foot should stay planted on the floor. (If you find bending your supporting leg too challenging, keep it extended straight in front of you with your foot flexed.)
  • Reach your right arm behind you for support, gently twisting your body to the right. 
  • Place your left arm around your bent right knee as though you’re hugging it.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale as you twist further to the right. With each exhale, twist your body further.
  • Gently release from the pose and then repeat on the other side.

You can do this posture by holding the left-hand armrest of the seat. Keep the back straight and turn to the right side of the body towards the armrest. Stay one minute in this position. Then repeat the same position on the other side. If you are done with both the sides then try twisting your right elbow pointing outside the leg.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt

This stretch is good for abdominal muscles, and it takes out the lower back pain and tightness of muscles. It built the strength of the core and lower back. Glutes and hamstring also get benefitted from this stretching.

  • To do this, lie on your back with both the knees bent and keep the feet flat on the floor.
  • Use your abdominal muscles to stay flat on your back against the floor.
  • Breathe normally and hold this position for 10 seconds. Release the posture and relax.
  • Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions.


We use our lower back muscles for various purposes but are less aware of the well being of it. Doing various stretches on a regular basis will keep it in shape and in good form. In the long run, it will help us to stay fit and steady.