Almost every day there’s a new workout app in the stores. This is due to a number of influencers, trainers, and brands partnering that are present for promotional purposes. There are a number of apps in the store and it is very difficult to know which app is worth downloading.

So to know which app is worth it, we have researched and used the apps and brought out the best ones for you.

Best Workout Apps to Download Right Now

Tone It Up

Being a planner, it’s a great feature that you can browse upcoming classes and even include them right into the Tone It Up calendar. By using this app you are also able to invite friends who have the app to accompany you for the workout, so you will feel like if you are exercising together. The classes on the app are having descriptions along with the equipment that you’ll need. You get the same class all day long, so if you are not able to attend the morning class, you’ll get another one at 8, 8:30, 9, etc.


You can download this app for free on your devices, but still, you’ll get notified to select a way to pay immediately. You can also do the 7-day trial first before paying for it. The app is worth the price.

The platform has been developed to bring out of the biggest names in training. The names which you normally can never have access to, normally in your living room.

You can select the trainer you want to follow and so you can have access to all the workouts they upload on the app, also you can change at any time and for a number of times as you’d like. The feature that is the best is that you are able to message the trainers directly, and along with that if you have any query about the workouts or any feedback that you would want to give them, you have access to do that.

Also, you are having the capability to download workouts directly on your phone, because it happens that you might not have service every time when you want to use an app with video, so you can access it offline too.

Sweat: Kayla Itsines

There are great chances that you might already be aware of the Kayla Itsines. This Australian trainer is popular for her Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and the workout e-books, which have helped to transform the bodies of a large number of women. She has transferred her workouts into an app, and with this app, you can do the original BBG—that involves resistance workouts which are paired with high- and low-intensity cardio meeting, all of which involve minimal equipment.

The greatest feature of the Sweat app is that the workouts are of 28 minutes, and they’re always very demanding, and that is the reason that they work. You can also try by mixing any two programs if you are not able to make a perfect decision between the two. And by pairing them up, you’re pairing up with a commune of thousands of women that have similar weight loss and body goals as yourself.


You need to mention your goals to the Apptiv app that includes losing weight running a race, developing strength, or dealing with stress. It should also include your level of fitness, the place where you carry out workouts, and the times when you prefer to exercise. According to your information, the app will suggest programs to you. You can even choose from the individual workouts from types like treadmill, outdoor running, strength training, yoga, rowing, and a lot more.

The best part is that workouts are focused on music. Each program has a playlist that’s timed according to the exercise you’re doing, and you can choose among if you wish to run or to rock. The music is broken up by an instructor who will be teaching you through the intervals or exercises and will give you tips and motivation. If you like teachings of a specific coach, you can choose your workout and teacher accordingly, so that you are devoted and try working out with different people.

Nike Training Club

If muscular endurance is your main focus and you’d love to enjoy more basic workouts that you can do by yourself at home or in your building’s gym, go for this Nike app. Make the app aware about how active you are and it will recommend workouts for you, you can even browse the app to know about muscle group, workout type, workout length, or equipment.

Play the workout and the app will tell you about how the exercises are done and cue you according to the timed sets, you can just scroll to the bottom to see the list of moves and timing for a specific exercise and do it by yourself.

obé Fitness

Don’t let the time specified to stop you from getting in some fitness. You just need half an hour to be exact, and an open area where you can do the moves like a plank or glute bridge without any equipment.

There is no use of equipment in any of the obé app workouts, it just depends upon you how you want to do a workout. There are more than 1,000 workouts which cover all categories ranging from HIIT to strength to yoga sculpt.

You can try adding weights to some of the workouts if they are available. Instructors will give you that option when it is applicable. If you don’t want to join a commercial gym but still want some workout motivation and inspiration, you can easily do with this app.


Instructors play the most important role and choosing them wisely is very essential while choosing a fitness class not matter if it is a person or on an app. You need a person who is knowledgeable, motivational, and also the one who focuses on challenging workouts. This app will give you all of that.

In the NEOU you will find classes that are of all lengths, because you can make use of the app for the entire workout, and you can even use it for add on a 10-minute ab series at the end of an extra class.


These are some of the best workout apps. These will help you to do the workout at your home easily and without the use of equipment. You can add if you wish to. Also, you can do it at any time of the day as per your schedule.