The modern world is suffering the result of being overexposed to too much consumerism. We are now using too many commodities and craving for more and more. We have forgotten the motto, “less is more”. We are chasing the fast lifestyle and in doing so we are wasting too much to litter the earth.

The choices that we make in our daily life affect the environment. By now we have all read and learnt about carbon footsteps and that is how we are impacting the environment negatively.  We may have gone sometime in near or far future, but the carbon imprints will not be left so easily. With this knowledge comes the responsibility of using the nature and mother Earth more sincerely. We cannot be shameless and use the earth as a litter bin, as that will complicate our lives as well as other animals and nature.

Importance of sustainability:

A serious step to save the planet Earth and consequently saving us is sustainability. We are now choosing eco-friendly materials for packaging over plastic. To preserve the environment we are taking adequate steps and shaping our daily lives in a proper way. Our comfort and economic feasibility are taking a backseat while we are becoming more nature friendly in our decisions.

7 Ways to Live More Sustainabily

Ways to Live More Sustainably

So here we will be discussing a few measures that can be taken to lead a sustainable life on the Earth.

  1. Use petrochemical-run gadgets as less as possible. We know that cars emit greenhouse gases which in turn pollute the air. So even if you own a car, try to use it as less as possible. Take the public conveyances like the train, public or govt. buses etc. This way you will be able to keep a hold on the emission of CO2 and CO. This step is definitely not easy as when you own a car it feels that you can move as and when you wish, and the comfort level is also high. But if you can sacrifice that comfort and freedom for the sake of the environment, it will be a great step.
  2. Go plastic-free. It is not an easy step to take up either. Billions of pounds of plastic are found on the sea surface and it has actually covered at least 40% of the sea area. This is contaminating and endangering the sea lives at havoc. Marine mammals are consuming the plastics and that is how they are ending their lives in lots. It is better to use reusable bags and not use plastic bottles of mineral water. Plastic bags and straws also are a threat to sea animals.
  3. Choosing an energy source that is eco friendly is another serious step we should take. The leading energy companies cause half the carbon emission of the world. Choose the energy sector which does not emit much greenhouse gas. Participate in the movement that is built against the use of fossil fuels. Emphasize on renewable resources which mostly are zero-emission materials.
  4. Use the water wisely. We always think so less about the waste of water we are practising every day. We do bath in lots of water, and also we throw the water which can be used in various other ways. We should take the matter of water use seriously by now, as the water level has dropped to a grave point. In many cities, there has been an acute crisis of freshwater and people are facing the water shortage problem for quite some time now. There are various methods of using water efficiently. Do not throw the water that you have used to wash vegetables, rather use that to mop the floor or water the plants of your garden. Do not use the shower but use a bucket to use less water for bathing.
  5. Choose the brand wisely when it is the turn to shop next time. Favour the brand which matches the social, economic and environmental standard.  Choose the products which are cruelty-free and does not involve animal testing. These measures are necessary if you want to a responsible citizen and do your duty towards the future generation.
  6. Reuse things as much as possible. Instead of throwing away old clothes, donate them to any charitable organization. A few popular clothing merchandises also offer this facility and in return of old donated clothes, they offer voucher. Also, you can design some home linen and upholstery from the old rugged clothes to use them for a few more years.
  7. Go paperless in every sphere of your life. Depend more upon green banking and e-banking. Select the option of e-receipt in every purchase. Do not let the trees cut for the bills that are generated when you are shopping in a mall or ATM counter. Also do not use paper napkin and towel and choose cloth napkin instead, which is reusable. Do not use wet tissue or sheet face masks which actually increases the waste amount.


The earth is a living place for us and we are maximizing our use to destroy the natural balance. Now is the high time we should be responsible and take good care of the environment.  Here we have shown a few simple steps, to begin with. Hope you will be successful in your attempts to do so.