Earth has been our residence for thousands of years, and we are using all the resources of it. We do not think much about the way to keep it safe and green, until now, when the environmentalists are warning us about the danger of getting demolished in the near future.

Taking measures to save the planet does not imply huge methods. We, as an individual, will not be able to save the great coral reef from decaying or lessen the amount of sea level that is increasing every year due to the uneven melting of the polar ice cap. But taking small steps in every household or office can ensure a better future.

Be Eco-Friendly And Save Money

So now we are thinking of ways to keep our daily lives eco friendly.  To be honest, being eco-friendly does not help us economically. If you are the owner of a business, then you will not earn much profit by turning to green methods.

The reduction of energy consumption and efficient waste management will do well for nature and mankind though. However, some studies have shown that if any company applies eco-friendly measures, then the employees work with 16% more productively which in turn benefits the company owner. The employees come out to be more motivated, well trained and better human beings.

7 Ways to be Eco-Friendly And Save Money

So making sustainability a year-round affair will ultimately benefit all of us and we will be able to live in a healthier world. People have now understood the necessity of going eco friendly and thus most homes and offices are taking environment-friendly methods in their daily lives.

Ways to be Eco-Friendly And Save Money

So be in-home or in office, we should always try to take the eco-friendly steps which will benefit us in the long run. Here are a few methods which are simple to practice and yet will offer you the opportunity to play your role in saving the environment.

Indoor houseplants

Indoor houseplants are a great way to add some greenery to the interior.  This way you can ensure the purity of the in house air. We all know the necessity of plants. Forestation is a necessary step now, but it is not possible for everyone to keep a garden outside the home or office. So indoor plants like Areca palm, Lady Palm, Boston fern, Rubber plant or Peace lily can be used to do your interior beautifully. Also, if you pond has pond pumps you can try using solar ponds instead.

Eco-friendly lighting

Eco-friendly lighting is another great way to turn down the damage done to the environment. LED bulbs to use 25 to 30 per cent less energy than the regular incandescent lights. This means a big saving in your budget, and the quality of light is also great. LED is one of the most efficient lighting technologies and it will surely save the price by the energy and replacement costs if you plan to change the CFL lights with them. The price of LED bulbs is a bit high though, but if you can manage the initial funding, then it will be beneficial for the future.

Stop water leakage.

Do you know that a regular household wastes10000 gallons of water every year due to leakage in faucets, valves or toilet flappers?  You can fix this all by yourself, with the minimal use of household tools. There is another tip to lessen water use. When you are going for a vacation, shut off the source of water supply so there will be no chance of getting surprised by a burst pipe or overflowing toilet.

Buying reused furniture

Buying reused furniture for office or household is another way of saving the money along with saving the planet. It may not attract everyone, to use something second hand. But the reality is, if we all start using the refurbished furniture, it will automatically reduce the waste and thus the plants will not be cut drastically like it is done now.

The wood needed for our furniture is gathered from the trees. The new ones definitely look cool but you can use your imagination and creativity to do the same with some second-hand furniture, and it will help you to save a few bucks too.


Use your microwave for cooking food more often by ditching the oven. The use of microwave saves 50% of the energy that is necessary for cooking in the oven.  So for the next baking time, you know how to do it in the microwave. Also, the time taken in the oven is more than it takes by the microwave. This way you will be able to cut down the electricity bill.

Cook at home

Cook at home and take the lunch in a reusable container. Do not buy a sandwich in a brown paper bag, as this bag needed a tree or two to get cut. Also, you can save money by cooking lunch and taking it from home. It is a necessary part of your lifestyle and if you can change it, it will stay with you forever. Use locally sourced ingredients which do not cost more.

If you run an office, or works in one, encourage the stock of reusable metal plates, forks and spoons. This way you will be able to produce less waste and the use of plastic or paper plate will be lesser.

Power sources

When you are leaving home or office, make sure to cut off all the power sources. This is an important eco-friendly step which will also lessen the consumption of power. The mobile phone charger is something that is forgotten by almost all of us to be switched off. The refrigerator is always on when we are on vacation. Most of us forget to switch off the connection of light or exhaust fan after we are done. Make the computer go to sleep when you are taking a lunch or even a coffee break. These are many ways to cut off the power consumption and it also helps the world to go green bit by bit.


There are various other subtle ways to stay in a better environment, like telecommuting with people until it is actually necessary to meet in person, taking a carpool with the co-worker or neighbour on alternative days, so the fossil fuel is sparsely used, taking less or no print out when the soft copy can do the work, are such small ways, through which you can start changing the world around you.