Being a sport itself running is an essential part of all kinds of outdoor games. Running builds strength, brings sprinting in the nature of the body and makes the body flexible.  

If you are a professional runner and practising for a competition or any marathon then you should train under a coach which tells you all aspects of practising running. But, if you run for just having the body fitness you should learn some basics before starting running.

The 8 Worst Mistakes You Can Make As a Runner

8 Worst Mistakes Every Runner Should Avoid

These basics are essential and if you follow them properly you could have better of running. Here we are going to tell you 8 worst mistakes which many aspirants generally make or the basic things which every runner should consider when starting to practice the running.

1. Don’t have the consistency

Many aspirants think like, if they start practising by running fast, they can build good strength in quick time. No, it will not work in any way. 

Running is not only just about running, but it is also about observing the strength-building process which embarks when your muscles and bones get adapted by the time.

You should keep calm and be pre-determined that it will take at least one year to be in running. Don’t go too much and too fast. Start slow but try to be consistent.

2. Being too harsh on yourself

Like consistency, taking rest is also important. Whenever your body, mind and muscles ask, you should give them proper rest.

There are many factors which affect your mind and body, one of them is the weather. Every day is not the same, and your body may not have adaptability in different kind of weather like humidity, sultriness etc.

Someday, your body wants an easy-going, like walk-to-talk, fast walk or running easily with a normal frame of mind not so aggressive or full attitude.

You should follow a flexible practice routine otherwise it could affect your mental health.

3. Not Taking Supplements

The supplement doesn’t always mean the protein shakes, it is about any normal meal which provides enough protein and carbohydrates to your body. 

Not only for the running but along with any kind of worn-out exercises you should refuel yourself immediately because the muscles absorb nutrients best within 45 minutes or so. Make sure you consume enough carbs and protein as per your body weight.

4. Running Too Fast – Initially 

Running is a pace in which you take control of your body. Slow running consumes low energy and as you increase, you will require more energy.

Now, if you start running faster initially, you would consume energy faster. So you should know what pace you can keep up in a race without losing all your energy at once. Because like that you cannot even finish the race. You should approach for calculating running.

Whenever you start practising, start with normal walking then fast walking then running slower to little faster.

5. Running while injured

This is like a crime you do to yourself. It always a bad feeling to get injured in any sports and this is a part of every sports person’s life and the sportsmanship tells to wait until you heal completely.

During an injury period, time tests your mental ability, your patience and your adaptability in the bad time.

This is a common sense and obvious thing that running while injured could increase your injury, so don’t be so emotional and think practically.

6. Not getting prepared

Many think like; from tomorrow on I will start practising and from the next morning, they start running. After two or three days they feel the weakness.

The running, whether it is for normal fitness or for preparing for any race requires a strategy, to begin with, and a plan to follow. You can take expert advice through online video and training sessions.

7. Running with the same method in the same place – 

You should keep changing the place where you run daily. You can choose alternative places. This is a good way to keep yourself motivated while practising.

Running surfaces is an important factor in running. You can try different surfaces around like park, roads, dirt trails, hills, treadmill, etc.

Similarly, you should keep checking your running style like the position of the toe while landing the feet, positions of shoulder, elbow, and arms, what breath technique you are approaching, etc. You should observe and make changes for better results. This will give you the professional feeling and keep you motivated.

8. Not Doing Warm-up

Not starting with a warm-up is another sign of immaturity while running or any doing any other exercise. This is a very basic and essential thing to follow. Even if you are running slowly, do a proper warm-up first.

Warming-up and stretching would open your muscles of legs and chest so you can breathe smoothly while running. You should do leg stretching so that you could be safe from a hamstring injury and any kind of thigh muscle tension.