Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, also called Akshay Kumar (born on September 9, 1967), is one of the most famous and handsome actors of Bollywood. Hailing from the Indian province of Punjab, Akshay has been known for his dancing abilities since his more youthful days. All through his famous acting profession, Kumar has acted in comedy, romantic action, drama, the genre of films and entertaining us from his outstanding performances in each genre.

Akshay Kumar

Akki‘ or ‘Khiladi‘ as he is prominently called, Akshay Kumar has consistently been fixated on exercises and fitness. The action star of Bollywood is a fitness freak, and his energy for doing workout and being healthy is still high even at the age of 48. The outstanding actor always inspires people to be fit and healthy through various media and social media platforms.

Akshay Kumar’s fitness drill even began before his Bollywood venture. He is a black belt in Taekwondo and got aptitude in combative techniques of martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand while having to be a chef in a restaurant. Akshay Kumar pursues a controlled life and likes to blend distinctive exercise schedules to abstain from exhausting. One of the significant Akshay exercise tips is that one should give at any rate one hour to one’s body to stay in shape and sound.

Various Bollywood actors go up to Akshay for his wellness tips. He is a motivation for many men and women in the industry. He completes his last supper around 7 at night and likes to go to bed, in any event, two hours after talking his last meal.

Very well-known fitness trainer and nutritionist Deanne Pandey describes Akshay wellness as pursue: Akshay looks a lot more blazing now and he has switched the maturing procedure because of combative techniques, utilitarian exercise and exacting eating schedules.

Body measurements Of Akshay Kumar

  • Height: 6’ (1.82 m)
  • Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
  • Chest: 42”
  • Waist: 32”
  • Biceps: 15”

Akshay Kumar’s Diet Plan

Akshay settles on the sort of diet that his body needs. He has a restrained existence, forgoing cigarettes and liquor, rising promptly toward the beginning of the day, taking his supper before 7 pm and hitting the bed before 9 pm. The charming film actor regularly eats 4-5 suppers per day and relies upon crisp, natively home-made food nourishments to give him the correct blend of proteins, sugars, and fat. Rather than utilizing dietary enhancements, for example, taste enhancers, powders, and shakes, Kumar inclines toward having healthy, supplement stuffed food nourishments. He made himself unapproachable from alcohol, smoking and booze. One of the intriguing certainties is that he never tasted tea or espresso. He pursues diet intend to get the best outcome from his exercises. He is likewise very far away from nicotine or caffeine. Akshay Kumar day by day diet regime is:

  • Breakfast: Parathas, egg whites, a glass of milk
  • Snacks: Mixed veggies and bowl of fruits
  • Lunch: Veggies, daal, roti, steamed chicken, a bowl of yoghurt
  • Dinner: A light meal comprising soup, veggies, and salad
Akshay Kumar Workout

Akshay Kumar’s Workout plan and drill

Not at all like most Bollywood stars, Akshay doesn’t prepare under the supervision of any health specialist. Being very much aware of his activity prerequisites, he prepares alone to keep his body fit and solid. While he may hit the gym normally, he doesn’t prefer to pursue a predefined set of activities, transforming them as per his comfort. He doesn’t prepare for accomplishing a six-pack or eight-pack abs; rather, he always centred around the regular training methods for remaining robust and healthy.

With regards to his exercise schedule, Akshay begins his day at 4:30 in the first part of the day by heating up with a long, quick-paced walk. At that point, he practices individualized sparring and kickboxing for 60 minutes. He performs yoga and meditation after a lot of strenuous activities. Additionally, he does a variety of cardio exercises including running, climbing, swimming, and stair climbing. In the gym, he focuses on doing ordinary exercises that fortify and condition his core muscles. He plays ball each week to improve his stamina and spryness.

Detailed fitness regime of Akshay Kumar is given below:

  • To walk for an hour on the seashore, he needs to wake up at 4:30 toward the beginning of the day. this point is significant who will wind up like Akshay Kumar. He never misses dawn in his life. This announcement is peculiar to peruse yet this is a substantiates truth.
  • An hour of martial arts training shifting back and forth between kick-boxing and informal sparring, and in the event that he is shooting (it helps in keeping physically fit).
  • Some Stretching Exercises with Yoga
  • Meditation for 60 minutes (helps in keeping up internal parity and takes out pressure)
  • Swimming

Fitness Mantra and tips by Akshay Kumar

Akshay’s wellness mantra is “health and fitness Matter Most”. Akshay Kumar is the fittest Bollywood actor, who has moulded his conditioned and energetic body through combative techniques of martial arts, gutsy games, natural living therapy and order life. Akshay Kumar is a fitness devotee who pursues exacting way of life routine to keep up himself fit and sound. He plays b-ball and appreciates trekking. He leans towards climbing staircase when difficult to get time for martial arts training, particularly during shooting. During the shooting of “Singh is King”, he climbed 74 stories in Singapore. He is so partial to climbing that the entertainer has planted a counterfeit tree in his gym. His exercise routine endless supply of the body rather than a strong one, so he totally not an advertiser of supplements and steroid to make muscles. His wellness mantra and exercise routine spins around a cluster of activities which he jumps at the chance to rehearse on an alternative basis

  • Discipline

Akshay Kumar is famously known as one of the most disciplined entertainers in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar, a very versatile actor is carefully pursuing discipline way of life and all the more fittingly close to the saying “Ahead of schedule to bed, right on time to rise makes one sound and shrewd”. He completes his supper promptly at night and likes to get up by 4.30 toward the beginning of the day. He worried upon both the physical just as the psychological wellness. That is the reason, he does bunches of activities like martial arts training, Yoga, meditation, ball, trekking, kickboxing, climbing staircase, swimming and sometimes like to go to the gym.

  • Yoga Practice

Film making isn’t a simple assignment. They need to experience anxiety. Every so often, they need to confront new difficulties. All these lead to pressure, which without oversee may causeway of life-related issue. To beat these issues, Akshay Kumar rehearses Yoga and meditation. Yoga, pranayama and vyayayam help to quiet the stress and tension and make one’s mind peaceful. For Mr Funny bones, Yoga and martial arts training are the most significant activities. Now and again, he consolidates Yoga practices with swimming. Akshay Kumar offers weightage to physical just as emotional wellness. In Yoga, he rehearses Yamas, Niyamas, Santosha, meditation and some stretching yoga-asana.

That’s we can say that Khiladi Kumar is the fittest man in the Bollywood business and His wellness privileged insights are to get promptly in the first part of the day and blending different wellness system to evade repetitive activities. He accepts that martial arts and Yoga give physical wellness and internal equalization. His tendency is towards characteristic natural therapy treatment to make himself fit and hot can be the easiest way a normal man and women can follow in order to be fit and stress-free like Akshay Kumar.