Bar Refaeli is a famous Israeli model, an actress, television host and an entrepreneur. She is one of the most internationally successful models who has come from Israel.  She was co-starred in the Israeli TV drama series Pick Up, also was the guest judge at Project Runway Israel, 2009.

She has seen lots of success in her life and has a great name in the modelling world. She gives the credit of her success to her perfect body and she says because of that she achieved a good name internationally.

Bar Refaeli Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Bar Rafaeli is a former supermodel of Victoria’s Secret Model and also is the proud owner of ‘Hottest Women Alive’ title for 2012.

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli Workout Routine

The workout regime of Bar Refaeli is as follows:

  • Bar Refaeli has focussed a lot on her body and physique and for attaining such an amazing figure she does workout and also follows proper diet to get that perfect shape and be fit.
  • Bar maintains her perfect body by doing a variety of cardio and martial arts-based workouts, one such workout is Krav Maga that is an Israeli fighting style.
  • Bar Rafaeli states that her trainer has taught her all kinds of kicks and they work everywhere like your abs your butts.
  • She also said that for maintaining a perfect body you need good guidance that can be achieved by a very good trainer as they understand your body type and will tell you what type of workout is perfect for you as we know not all body types are similar.
  • She then describes about Krav Maga workouts and said it’s very similar to cardio kickboxing and in that you get a full-body workout and also it uses the same equipment that is used in cardio such as kettlebells, jump ropes, gloves and boxing bags. Bar Rafaeli said that it helped her in gaining a sleek bikini body for the summers.
  • Bar combines some cardio intense moves that use her body weight and this really works for her core.
  • Bar Rafaeli exercise routine also includes horseback riding which she loves doing from her childhood and horseback riding as a sport is a very good exercise as it burns as much as 400 calories per hour. And also it is effective in toning up the core muscles and correcting one’s posture and also it workouts the back, thighs, calves and abdomen.

All this hard work that she does leads to the perfect body that she has and she enjoys her workout session. She works her sweat out for the perfect results and also that leads to the healthy and fit body that she has.

She is always considered as beauty and has a glow on her face even after so many years and all the credits go to the hard work that she does while working out and maintaining her perfect body even after so many years and also after having a baby.

Bar Refaeli Diet Plan

She also stated that not only workout but a healthy diet should also be followed for having a healthy body and mind too.

Bar Refaeli Workout

Bar Rafaeli follows the diet plan as given below:

  • Bar Rafaeli follows a strict balanced diet that includes stuff like shrimp, juice, chicken, coffee, lean beef, lentils, celery, snow peas, diet coke, tuna, yogurt, cheese, salad greens, blueberries, banana, strawberries, almonds and olives.
  • She prefers to eat healthy food rather than stick to fad diets that are popular these days.
  • She claims that she don’t do dieting and don’t have an eating plan but she like to eat healthy.
  • She is also lover of desserts and she says I love food but I do exercise and that helps her to be fit and look younger.

All these food items are included in her diet as she believes in having a healthy balanced diet which she strictly follows and enjoys her food. She says that healthy food leads to a healthy and fit body as doing the workout alone is not enough you have also eat healthily.

She loves her body and wants to look her best for photoshoots or events that she is part of. Her strict routine is something that she sticks too daily and she worked really hard to get her perfect body back after her pregnancy.

By following a healthy diet and also by working out she is able to achieve her goal of staying fit and look younger.