Eating fruits is a necessary part of healthy eating and apple is one such fruit that is loved by almost all the people, of any and every age. Red apples look and taste delicious and green apples offer us the freshness with its smooth tanginess. This fruit is available now throughout the world and it has been liked by people so much that, the countries which do not produce apples import it from other parts of the world.

Eating apple does not only count on the taste, but the other parts of the body also get benefitted by the regular eating of this fruit. Hair, skin and internal systems along with immunity get boosted with the many nutrients present in apple.

Benefits of Apple for the Skin

Benefits of Apple for the Skin

1. Complexion improvement:

Apple contains collagen and elastic which offers great remedy against sun damage. As the sun burn is removed due to the effect of apples, the complexion stays fresh and looks blemish free. Collagen also keeps the skin young. Pathogen, which is a harmful for the skin gets reduced and the extra oil also gets cleaned thanks to these nutrients.

Using apple juice will also benefit your skin as it will firm up the skin and maintain the natural pH balance. If you do not want to take the toll of making the juice by grinding it, take a piece of fresh cut juicy apple and rub on your skin. Doing this regularly will help you to get smoother and brighter complexion.

2. Hydration:

Along with freedom from blemishes, the suppleness is another reason of good looking skin. With regular intake of apple you can ensure that supple glowing skin. Along with drinking plenty of water regularly, you should start eating apples which are high in water content and thus, leaves the skin hydrated. Again taking apple slices and keeping them on the skin for half an hour will do the magic. So you can get a nice smooth dewy skin without any great branded foundation. The apple slices on your stomach and skin will do the wonder for you.

3. Anti-oxidant rich:

There is ample amount of anti-oxidants available in apples which help to keep the ageing process at the slowest. If you keep one apple a day in your diet, surely you will be able to find the effect after a month. The rich quantity of antioxidants decreases the fine lines and prevents the newer ones to appear. Also rebuilding of cells and rejuvenation process works faster and thus your skin appears to be younger.

4. Skin texture improvement:

When you will apply a face mask contain apple juice or puree you will see the benefit of moisturize your face. The best effect can be get from the green apples as these ones contain high amount of moisture that improves the skin texture totally. The hydration level also increases with the juice from green apple and the pH balance gets corrected after you apply the face mask for a month. Not only in face mask, is green apple also great for consumption. It will be a healthy snacking option with some great benefits.

5. Prevention from skin disease:

The skin disease most of the time is a sign that your skin is under-nourishes. So when you will consume apple and apply face mask containing apple puree or paste, or juice, surely these signs of malfunctioning will vanish. From eczema to cancer, pimples to black spots, the skin lets you know something is not right, and you can fix that by the regular consumption of fresh green or red apples.  Your skin tissue will be nourished and various skin issues will be resolved. For the ones who gets frequent break-ins of pimple due to excess oil on their skin must consume green apple to stop the pimple eruptions.

6. Back circle elimination:

If you are worried about the dark circle around your eye and that is the reason for the dark patches, then get the freedom from the stress. This vicious cycle will be ended once you start consuming green apples daily. Also you can use the juice of green apple daily on the affected area, specifically the under eye and on the lids to see an improvement in the patches. It will lighten slowly and the glow will come back to your skin.


Eat the fruit raw or use it in various different recipes. There are hundreds of ways to use apple on your cooking. So use them generously, eat and feed all the members of your family to get a healthier lifestyle.