As we already know the fact that papaya is a very healthy fruit and has many benefits for our body. It is very good for our skin as it gives a glowing skin and clears the spots on our skin. It is just not good for our skin but also for our hair. It is known to be very beneficial for the healthy growth of our hair in a natural way.

In this article, we will discuss the major benefits that are provided by papaya to our hair and how it helps us to keep our health. As we know papaya is an orange coloured fruit which is delicious to eat and have many health benefits as well. Papaya can be consumed in many ways such as in ripening form or can be eaten raw.

The papaya is a fruit that is fully packed with nutrition. It has calories, carbohydrates, fibre, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Folate (Vitamin B9), potassium and has traces of calcium, magnesium and vitamins B1, B3, B5, E and K. Papaya is also known for having high carotenoids, especially lycopene. As it has so many nutrients so it is clear from this fact that it is very useful for our hair and its health or growth.

Benefits of Papaya for Hair:

  1. Papaya is known to boost the hair growth. As it contains folic acid which helps in improving the blood circulation to the scalp and the hair follicles. This helps in nourishing the hair follicles and which in turn leads to the healthy growth of the hair. As we know the hair growth is a major concern for people nowadays so the use of papaya on your hair in the form of mask or some other form can help you to overcome this problem.
  2. As we know that dandruff is very common problem and it occurs to many people and even so many shampoos come in the market to overcome this problem, but it is of no use because they do not provide with a permanent solution.  But we can use papaya as it is very beneficial for the scalps that are prone to dandruff. Papaya works as an excellent moisturizer for the dry scalp as we know dandruff generally occurs in dry scalp. It contains papain enzyme, which helps in exfoliating the skin of the scalps and helps in getting rid of the dandruff. Even the papaya seeds are also good for dandruff removal as they have anti-fungal properties and will help in removing the dandruff that is caused due to the fungal infection.
  3. Papaya acts as natural conditioner for our hair as it contains high amount of vitamin A, which is useful in the production of sebum and sebum helps in keeping the hair soft and subtle due to its presence on the scalp. Also papaya has high water content which is very useful for the hydration of the hair and this also helps in conditioning the hair, as we know that due to harsh weather conditions and pollution the hair loses it softness and becomes dry.
  4. As due to the dead skin presence and clogged pores on the scalp it leads to stagnant hair growth, as the nutrients are not able to reach the hair so with the help of papaya we can remove excessive hair oil, dirt and unwanted residue from the hair and scalp and which in turn revitalizes the hair and the hair growth starts again.
  5. The papaya helps in increasing the volume of your hair as the thinning of hair is a general problem faced people due to the excessive pollution. But if you will apply papaya hair mask it will allow you to increase the volume of your hair by hydrating it and by improving your scalp health.
  6. The hair breakage due to the frizz that occurs in our hair. The frizz is occurred if your hair are dry and not conditioned properly. By the usage of papaya the frizz will get over and the hair breakage will not occur and the softness due to the conditioning properties of papaya will overcome this.
  7. The hair fall is something that is very scary for everyone and the reason are stress and pollution for this. As we know papaya has Vitamin E that is very important for strengthening your hair and which will lead to lesser hair fall and one day to zero hair fall.
  8. The baldness in a person can be cured by the papaya usage as it opens up the clogged pores and lets the new growth of hair take place by providing the proper nourishment to the hair.
  9. The fungal infection can be treated by papaya that occurs on your scalp as it contains anti-oxidants and many other nutritive content which helps you to overcome this problem and that will lead to healthy scalp.
  10.  The papaya will also help you in getting rid of itchy or irritated scalp as it has anti-bacterial properties. Due to this the scalp becomes healthy and itchiness of the scalp is removed by the papaya. There is no ground for bacteria to breed after the usage of the papaya.
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These all benefits of papaya makes it a perfect fruit for our hair health as it has so high nutritive value.


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