You are what you eat, they say. So we must check what we eat. We all want to stay ever young and that is the reason we worship youth. But remaining youthful throughout the life is not possible until you take some extra steps. Eating healthy is a simple habit which can benefit you throughout life.

Staying fit and fine like you are in your youth is possible and also you can retain the glorious skin of the teens if you eat some particular food which are full of anti-ageing features.

Anti ageing features: the food that consist antioxidants, water and healthy fats, essential nutrients and vitamins which are needed to keep you fit, beautiful and immune against age related ailments.

Eating fruits and vegetables: almost all the doctors and researchers have agreed on devouring the greens in the form of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits are great for keeping the metabolism and digestion healthy. So if you wish to erase those laugh lines and feel like you felt at the twenties, then remove the packaged items from your daily food list. Eating preservatives and processed food with a high content of refined sugar will make you ageing faster.

Best Anti-Aging Foods to Add to Your Diet

Best Anti-Aging Foods

We will here suggest you a few food items which you can try on every alternate week or once in a day, to slow down the ageing process.

1. Pomegranate

This is a magic fruit. Rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, this fruit will do wonder for your skin, especially if it is sun-burnt. The seeds of this fruit should be chewed properly and eaten as there is punicalagin which is a super nutrient. The free radicals present in your body will be demolished by the polyphenol compound present in pomegranate.  The collagen present in your body will stay longer if you can consume one cup of pomegranate seeds, and not juice once in a week. Collagen keeps the skin tight and elastic which is a much-required aspect of younger-looking skin.

2. Berries

This is a wonder fruit which is full of antioxidants as well as vitamin C. These are small in size but you should never underestimate them for being a real help in keeping the skin great. From sunburn to ageing lines, berries can be your best friend to fight all these enemies and keep you ever young. The sun exposure cannot damage your skin with free radicals, neither do the stress or pollution. By consuming a great number of berries every day you will be having smoother skin and great body.

3. Spinach, Kale

Vegetables are a great source of antioxidants as we have already said. Spinach and Kale contain a special antioxidant compound or phytonutrients which keeps you oxygenated and replenish the antioxidants in your body. There are also a rich among of magnesium, plant-based heme iron, beta-carotene and lutein in this leafy vegetable. The vitamin C content enhances the collagen of your body and thus keeping the skin firm and shiny. Not only that, shiny hair and freedom from inflammation are also some benefits of Spinach and Kale.

4. Nuts

There are various kinds of nuts and all of them are a source of antioxidants, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acid. Walnuts, Brazil nut, cashew or macadamia are all beneficial for their anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing quality. Also, those who are vegan will find a great source of protein in nuts. These dry fruits also strengthen the skin cells and protect you against sun damage. Regular intake of a handful will give your skin a beautiful glow. It will provide you more than 50 per cent of lost antioxidants which in turn will keep the skin healthy.

5. Green tea

A drink which is full of anti-oxidant and keeps the health hazards away is green tea. This is a herbal drink which after regular intake will help you to lose fat. Also, life expectancy increases in the respective amount.  Hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage will be removed by catechins present in green tea. Catechins is an effective compound which is present in this green tea along with polyphenol which is another antioxidant and acts to remove the damage caused by the free radicals. Daily intake will show the result after a month.

6. Dark chocolate

This may sound surprising but passing the milk chocolate and letting the dark chocolate enter your weekly diet may show the surprising result on the age-defying process. Anti-ageing nutrient like flavanol which increases the blood flow and thus keeps you look glowing at your forties and later. Also, the ingredient is able to absorb the UV rays and protects the skin from deteriorating by the sunburn. Also, dark chocolate is said to have some effect on our hearts and protects us from heart disease to some extent.

The fruits like melon, pineapple, oranges, papaya and seeds like sesame, chia have anti-ageing quality. Nuts, sweet potato, broccolis are also rich in vitamin A which offers good cholesterol which keeps the heart in better condition. Drinking ample water and staying hydrated add to the glamour quotient and maintains the pH balance in the system. So try to follow the basic health routine and add a few of the above-mentioned ingredients on your daily meal to stay young for longer years.