The lower abs cover the entire midsection and all men and women are looking for ways by which they can reduce fat in that area. Now, to lower the belly fat and to gain abs the people have to do effective exercise that target the abdominal muscles. Through this, you will be strengthening your abdominal muscles too with every rep you do.

Best Lower Ab Workouts

Best Exercises for Lower Abs

The most important tip to get most of these exercises would be to focus on the activation of the core. This means that you need to be mentally focused and that would help you gain strength over time.

Hardstyle Plank

The planks are one of the most important exercises for the abs and also full-body workout, but before you jump on to this one practice the traditional plank. This helps in building stability when the entire body is under tension.

 Dumbbell Side Bend

This is among the best workouts for abs and to get a flat tummy as well. Women will find this exercise most useful. For this, you will need a dumbbell that is of medium weight.

Bird Dog

Through this exercise, you can focus on stability and also control. In this exercise, your glutes, rectus abdominis, and spine all will be involved.

You need to complete exercise for one side at a time. After that head on to the next one.

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Butt Lift

This is one of the best exercises. It helps in toning the lower abs and lifts your butt.

Hip Twists

This exercise is also called waist whittlers by some.

Bicycle Crunches

This is one of the most effective exercise for the abs.

Russian Twist

This is among the best exercises. It will help in strengthening the abs and the oblique muscles.

You can do this exercise with weight and without weight too.


This is also a great option for your abs.


Do the sets which are prescribed to you for each of the lower abs taking a rest of about 60 seconds in between. Perform the lower abs workout for 3-4 days a week to get good results.


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