As we know with times trends are also changing and also the lifestyle of the people. People are becoming more of a gym lover and not only they want to go to the gym for exercising, but they also want to look good by wearing all trendy gym clothes and accessories. So we will talk about the major gym essential i.e. the gym bag.

The gym bag is a major gym essential and is needed by everybody who goes to the gym. A good gym bag is one which is lightweight, water-resistant, contains separate pockets for different things and have lots of space but is compact. Not only it should have these features but also it should look good and trendy and should go according to the latest fashion. The colour combination should go as per your interest.

So it is quite tough to choose a gym bag that should suit you in all the possible way including the price of the gym bag. These gyms have been brought here while comparing the features with other contemporaries available in the market.

Best Gym Bags For Men

Best Gym Bags For Men Under $50

In this article, we will talk about the best 6 gym bags for men that are at a reasonable price under $50. The 6 best gym bags for men that you should go for are listed below:

1. Adidas Team Duffle or Gym Bag (premium):

As we all know about Adidas is one of the leading brands that make the best quality of workout products. If you want a premium bag that comes under $50.

  • The bag is water-resistant and is highly durable as it will protect all your stuff inside the bag and also from all kinds of weather.
  • The bag is a 26 inch big and that means it is spacious enough to fit in all your essential products in your bag.
  •  It has a ventilated side pocket for the dirty or sweaty items or the gym shoes.
  • The outside of the bag consists of plenty of zippered pockets in which you can keep all the stuff separately and properly managed.
  • The main compartment is quite big that you can even fit in your workout equipment if you want to carry them to the gym.
  • This bag is a premium category bag and is available in an affordable price range.

So this is a good choice for people who want to carry a lot of stuff with them including gym equipment and other essentials and this amazing Adidas bag is pocket friendly too.

2. Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0:

The ultimate gym bag 2.0 is known for its compactness that means it can fit in all the essentials that you need in a gym but it will be compact in appearance.

  • These sorts of bags are best suited for people who are not too big as the bags of larger size don’t look good on such people and also for the people who don’t want to show that they are carrying a lot of stuff with them.
  • The bag has a large shoe compartment and many other small compartments too.
  • It is a water-resistant bag and also a durable one.
  • The size of the bag is 15 inches which makes it a compact bag and that means it will not take much of a space to fit into your locker room.
  •  So it is for the people who want to look for a compact bag that does not take much space.
  • These bags can easily fit into the locker rooms, without taking much space.

If you want a bag with compactness and carry all basic essentials and not so spacious this bag is best in the market with an amazing price under $50.

3. Adidas Alliance II Sackpack:

This is another amazing product from Adidas and also this bag is considered one of the best drawstring bag for your gym.

  • This sackpack has 3 exterior pockets and a main compartment that will carry all your important workout equipment for the gym or some other place.
  •  It is a small drawstring bag which has a capacity to carry all your essentials to the gym.
  •  The bag is highly durable and water-resistant.

So you can use this bag if you don’t want to carry lots of stuff to the gym and just want some important stuff to be carried along. One of the best option available under a sackpack category for gym purpose which is also not too expensive.

4. NEWHEY Gym Duffle Bag:

This bag is a highly spacious bag and also has the capacity to carry lots of stuff, as its capacity is of 40-litres.

  • The bag has 2 waterproof side pockets for the sweaty or dirty items or your shoes, which means you can keep them separate.
  •  The bag has 13 different pockets which mean you can carry lots of stuff and keep them separately and in an organised manner.
  • If you bring a lot of stuff in your bag or you want to carry much stuff but you can’t this bag is perfect for you due to its large carrying capacity and high durability, you should go for this bag.
  • The bag used by big backpackers with not just basic bag essentials but other stuff too.

The best bag available in the high capacity category and it is spacious as you can use it for carrying your personal gym equipment and also available at a good price range.

5. Gootium Travel Duffel Bag or Gym Bag:

The bag is not a perfect gym looking bag but it is much better looking than that and is perfectly equipped to carry all the gym essentials.

  • The bag is 100% cotton canvas and that is leather trim that makes it look stylish and trendy and also it makes it sturdy but the cotton is flexible which helps in carrying a whole lot of stuff that is needed by you for the gym.
  • The bag is available in 2 sizes of 28L and 45L. The bag is a compact bag with one big and spacious compartment in which you keep all your stuff.
  •  This compact bag can easily fit into the locker as it does not take up much space and also it is easy to carry.
  • The bag is a stylish looking bag that you can even carry for travelling purposes.
  • The bag is used by all the trendsetters and the people who want to make a stylish statement and don’t want to make going to the gym a boring affair.

The bag server dual purpose i.e. a stylish gym bag and a bag that can also be used for travelling purpose. This gym bag is best for people who want to look stylish in the gym and stay up-to-date with their gym essentials with a budget friendly price range.

6. Rothco Canvas Equipment Bag:

This bag is a very lightweight bag and a versatile bag to carry with you on a regular basis.

  • It is not a regular gym looking bag but is styled after old airforce bags and is completed with canvas and also painted lettering.
  • The bag has external side pockets in which you can hold little stuff or some gym essentials.
  •  The design is simple but the bag can hold a lot of items that you made need for the gym.
  • The bag size is of 9.5 inches wide and 19 inches long and has a cylindrical design in which keep a big amount of gym essentials.
  • The bag has a single over the shoulder strap and two handles for carrying purpose.
  •  It is one of the most rugged bags to carry your all gym essentials.

The bag is best for the rough use and has strong material which makes it best for the gym, if you are not careful with bag handling you can go for this option and also it is pocket friendly.

These gym bags are one of the best gym bags available in the market in a perfect price range that is not more than $50 and have all the amazing features that are needed by every lover. These gym bags are selected as one of the best gym bags by comparing there features with other gym bags falling under these categories.

Choosing a gym bag can sometimes be too tedious task as you have so many options in the market and everyone saying that there one is the best for you and sounds very good. All tells you the best features of their bags. It becomes too confusing in order to choose the best one for yourself. The best gym bag for you is the one that suits to all your needs.