Kettlebells are one of the strength-building workout equipment. These are very beneficial additional equipment for the gym and especially for a home gym that you can perform many exercises like arms, shoulders, and some for legs too. 

A Kettlebell, as you know, is a solid big ball coated with iron or any heavy metal, holds weight to lift it with a handle on it.

There are three main parts that a kettlebell has, one is the gripping handle, second the ball; the main part of it, and the base in which kettlebell land while exercising.

So, you should look for a kettlebell that has a wide handle to balance, good grip in the handle to hold and a good base to avoid any kind of damage while landing. 

Best Kettlebells for Your Home Gym

If you are thinking to have a kettlebell then there are many good, innovative, and digitally smart kettlebells available in the market. Here we are providing reviews for 11 best kettlebells you can choose from, according to your requirement.

1. Black Cast Iron

Black Cast Iron Kettlebell

Black cast iron kettlebell from Crown Sporting Goods is a high demanded kettlebell. Black cast iron is known for building strength, flexibility, and athleticism uniquely.

It comes as coated with long-lasting cast iron and, with corrosion-resistant enamel. Black vast iron is known for its originality without holding any show off like logos and griping rubber. It comes with a wider grip with a maximum of 1.58″ diameter.

2. Soft Kettlebell 

CAP Barbell Soft Kettlebell

This is a good kettlebell by Cap Barbell for the beginner. Cap Barbell kettlebell comes covered with soft neoprene fabric. It has a soft-grip handle and the main part comes with filled with iron sand.

Very ideal for the beginner as the soft kettlebell is injury-free and no need to worry when it drops on the floor.  

3. ETHOS Kettlebell

ETHOS Kettlebell

Ethos is designed for hard training, it comes as coated with durable cast iron and two hand swing with ergonomic handle.

Ethos provides full-body training with swings, snatches, squats training, goblet squats. 

4. XD Kevlar

XD Kevlar Kettlebell

This is an innovative kettlebell designed to make training easier and safer. although it has the soft kettlebell features, It’s steel handle is the main power that allows the kettlebell to be in good form.

It has the soft bottom constructed with DuPont Kevlar Fiber mixed with steal sand. It’s soft but strong bottom provides long durability and good safety features.

XD Kevlar comes in 10 different waits from 5lbs to 50lbs. This is a large kettlebell for strength training. Many users found it soft and big and have given XD Kevlar five out of five ratings.

5. RAGE Fitness Kettlebell 

Rage Fitness Kettlebells

This is a competition kettlebell by the Rage Fitness sports group. Rage kettlebell is constructed by single cast steel. This is a good kettlebell for cross-training and building strength. 

Rage Kettlebell provides a full-body movement that you can perform many exercises with this single instrument to improve endurance and strength. The handle is perfect, not so wide or not too short, to avoid any kind of hand injury.

RAGE Fitness Competition Kettlebell comes in different weight sizes from 4kg to 40kgs.

6. Kettlebell Connect

JaxJox Smart Kettlebell

This is a Smart Kettlebell from JaxJox. It has six measures of kettlebells in one, you can adjust for any weight for your requirement. 

It always connects with technology that you can change weight in no-time. By connecting KettlebellConnects with JAXJOX App you can track your reps and sets, weight, and time.

As we said it has 6 weight measures which are between 12ibs to 42ibs. For smart communication, it can connect up to 9 users. This is fully a smart device and requires charging 14 hours.

At first sight, it looks expensive but its smart and innovative features make the price compatible.

7. Kettle Gryp 

Kettle Gryp

Basically this is a handle for kettlebells. This Kettlebell from Kettle Gryp looks like dumbells attached with a handle to be a kettlebell. You only have to fit the handle with any dumble and use it like a kettlebell. 

This is an adjustable kettlebell comes with a portable weight grip. This is a travel workout equipment that you can put on your gym bag and carry with you anywhere you want.

Kettle Gryp kettlebell comes in different weights from 1lbs to 55Ibs. The grip is so adjustable that you can fit with any dumbbell.

Good equipment for home gym as you can have kettlebell of different weights with Kettle Gyrp.

8. Rogue Fitness Kettlebells

Rogue Fitness Kettlebells

These kettlebells made of solid iron pieces without a scrap. Proprietary casting being used in these kettlebells to make it smooth and comfortable. 

The handle is cast in one solid piece to make it grippy and strong. It doesn’t have plastics plugs and caps. It has a wide flat machine base.

Rogue kettlebells come in 17 weight from 9lb to 203lb. The 40LB of Rogue kettlebells is approved by the US Army’s Combat Fitness Test.

9. Primal Kettlebells

Primal Kettlebells

Users say it is heavy-as-hell. They come in different shapes of a like gorilla, chimps, Howler, etc.

It comes as a chip-resistant iron coating. The handle is wide perfectly to give a perfect balance. As we said they come in different shapes each shape comes with different weights.


10. Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

This kettlebell is from Yes4All group build of high quality cast iron and coated with solid cast iron without having welds or seems or any empty spots.

Vinyl Coated is a noise-free, durable, and safe kettlebell. The Handle is very wide to hold, smooth with textured coated. It has the flat base which is stable that it could be store in any renegade row or handstands. 

Good for all groupage to perform swings, arms, shoulders, and legs exercise.

11. Elite Kettlebell

AGM Group Elite Kettlebell

Elite Kettlebell from AGM Group, is good for a home workout or for the beginner. This Elite kettlebell made of pliable material instead of cast solid iron like other kettlebells. 

Elite kettlebell is good for upper and core body exercises for beginners. The handle and base designed for individuals and for newcomers.

The shape is not so big and perfect for making balance initially.