The customers can now own their own studio and this can be done by buying an effective machine. In this article, we will be discussing the best and the recommended products. We see that it doesn’t make a difference if you are not well aware and active regarding the wellness world. But it does make a difference if you know someone who loves Pilates. They are the ones who will get up early with a pair of leggings and go to the studio. They surely do more hamstring work than the other people.

Pilates is very beneficial for both mental health as well as physical health. With this, anyone can put in their efforts for strength, control, and better movement.

One of the important elements of the Pilates workout would be the reformer that can give a number of opportunities for exercising.

Pilates Reformer for Studio

Top 7 Pilates Reformer for Studio

Let us look at some of the best picks of the Pilates Reformer that you can own to build upon your own studio.

1. Balanced Body IQ Reformer

While push up thrust and the customers are looking for the best Pilates reformer then it is surely going to be the best picks. It has five springs and along with that, it has a four positioned foot bar.

The reformer has all the requirements of a suitable one and it also has a comfortable headrest, with adjustable ropes. Along with this, the users will love the feature of the non-standing platform and it easily helps to do the exercise. With this, there is no risk of sliding too.

The Pilates reformer has a sleek design and along with that, it can be easily stored. Also, we see that due to the wheelbarrow and library the storage and movement become very easy. This is available in about 35 colors and can be the best choice for everyone.


  • Available in 35 colors
  • Exercises become easy
  • Sleek design and good movements.


  • The assembly takes a lot of time.

2. Stamina Aeropilates reformer 651 system

Not all find it useful to pay a thousand dollars for their new obsession. But the aero pilates is a bit different in this case.

It is low in price as compared to the other models. It has new workout cords which can easily help you in adjusting resistance, whereas it and also help in adjusting the headrest. There is a padded foot along with foot straps and foot bar.

The reformer stands easily on the ground and weighs about 300 lbs. This is one of the perfect equipment for a person who needs to grow experience in the Pilates with basic machines.


  • Cheap as compared to other reformers
  • Strong and padded parts of the equipment.


  • Two people are required for assembly.

3. Merrithew at home SPX reformer

If you have done Pilates for quite a while and will enjoy doing it afterward too then this will be the best equipment that you could get.

This comes with a studio reformer, and it has three headset positions for it. The platform is wooden standing and it has four bar positions. Also, the users get to see a double loop hand and foot straps in this equipment.

The package has some of the accessories too like the reformer box, padded platform, metal pole which enhances your workout experience. It comes along with 250 Pilates exercises.


  • Wooden standing
  • Padded parts
  • Improved workout experience


  • Some users might receive defective piece

4. Aeropilates Premier Studio

The Pilates reformers are some crucial pieces that can be quite bulky. If you are finding a Pilates reformer for your home then it needs to be one that can constantly be at one place in the basement.

The Aeropilates reformer would the one that can be easily stored and is easily foldable. So it meets most of your requirements to get an amazing workout. Along with the foldable feature, it has four resistance springs along, head and foot straps, a headrest, and also the 24 inches padded foot bar.

There is a cardio rebounder which allows increasing your heart rate without stressing the joints. When the reformer is assembled and is kept open it measures about 86.25 and 14 inches.


  • Easy storage
  • Padded foot bar
  • Foldable


  • Quality is low as compared to that of expensive models

5. Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

For the ones who are studio enthusiasts and those who are finding the studio-grade reformer, they should be aware of the fact that this is one of the best companions.

It has a top of line mechanism and has a fully padded bar. There is extra comfort in the five springs. They offer good resistance and the shoulder pads can be even adjusted nicely. The standing platform and the double-looped bars would be the best for the Pilates student.

The adjustable foot bar is of great help as it slides easily in almost nine positions. The headrest comfort can also be altered up to three positions. So altogether it is very easy to use the reformer.


  • Accessories are of high quality
  • Suitable for beginners too


  • Expensive

6. Stott Pilates rehab V2 Max reformer

This is an excellent workout reformer which can be really helpful as it has a lot of added features.

As compared to the traditional reformers this one has the horizontal frame along with five springs. IT also has removable shoulder rests. There are a standing platform and a padded foot bar that add more to the reformer.

It also comes with a vertical frame and has two rolls down springs attached to it. The reformer comes up with two push through springs along with leg springs. There are extension straps and traveling pulleys too with the reformer and a safety chain for assistance. The Pilates enthusiast will be able to get a lot of movements through it and can have a challenging workout.


  • Safety chains available
  • Removable shoulder rests
  • Wood-framed balanced body


  • The pegs ad the straps might be of some issue in some cases.

7. Balanced body studio reformer

If you are finding something that can set yourself into the Pilates journey then this can be one of the best options for you. With this, the users can set up safe exercises for themselves.

The foot bars of the reformer can adjust in three ways for three heights. And the best part is that it has the longest carriage that is about 41 inches in length. This helps to get comfortable positions and adapt to the Pilates movement.

This studio reformer comes along with a sitting box that can be easily placed on the top of the carriage. This will help in increasing the motion. Along with this it also comes with a nonslip platform that has five springs and lets you chose between 46 different sorts of resistances that it offers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Nonslip platform


  • Damaged wooden frames

Important things to look in a reformer


This is the main part of the machine and the one responsible for bulk. The frame holds on the carriage with a set of wheels. They can move back and forth. One end of the frame is connected to the foot bar and it is adjustable. The other end is of adjustable springs. It can offer 4 levels of resistance.

Reformer springs:

In one of the advanced reformers, there will be springs that will help you choose the amount of resistance you need. This will make it quite easier for you t perform the exercises and move the carriage.


On the other side of the frame which is opposite to the one that has a foot bar, there are some straps that help in pulling the carriage.

Some other features:

There are a lot of high-end reformers and they are made up of a headrest, shoulder braces, and more comfort. There can be extra accessories too which includes a box, tower, and both of them might be sold separately.


As per fitness experts it is the equipment that makes one reach fitness goals.