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Once you’ve decided on that you want to buy pine wood derby designs, be sure to check the product reviews. Reviews are a great way to find out if the product is right for you and whether it has any design flaws. If there are multiple bad reviews, you may want to look at other products. Negative reviews can tell you a lot about the product, including things you may not have thought to consider. They can tell you about any potential issues with the product. They can also tell you about issues with the manufacturer’s customer service. To help you out, we’ve collected reviews of what we think are the pine wood derby designs this year. Before you proceed with anything, read through our thoughts on the top pine wood derby designs, as well as an overview of what you need to know when considering your buying

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The Best pine wood derby designs

Ultralite Car Body Only for Pine Derby Wood Car - 5 Slot

as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • Pine Derby Wood Car legal race bodies. These bodies are milled out as thin as we feel comfortable making them. Reduce weight that will dominate every race. Minimum wood weight, maximum surface area for custom weight distribution.
  • Front end tapered so that you can actually start down the track before others.
  • Designed for tungsten cubes. Average weight on these are around 20-21 grams
  • Precut- We already cut the design. Low profile, reduced drag. Every .001" counts in PWD.
  • Sanded: We have handed sanded the bodies to 120 grit prior to shipping

Woodland Scenics Pine Car Derby Dry Transfer Decal 4 by 4.75-Inch Sheet, Customs Designs

19 new from $4.05
as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • PINEPRO-Pine Car Derby: Dry Transfer Decal
  • These transfer decals are the quickest and easiest way to customize your car
  • Design: Custom Designs
  • Made in Niger

Maximum Velocity Derby Car Kits | Bulk Pack (12) | Pine Block Kits Includes Wheels & Axles | Pinewood Car Kits

2 new from $59.95
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • FANTASTIC DERBY CAR KIT - Highest quality out of the box wheels and axles for derby car kit. Don’t worry about filing off flaws, or losing hub caps. Our axles have no burrs or crimp marks, and install without hub caps. You can use them as-is, or lightly polish them with a metal polish.
  • PREMIUM BLOCKS - Our derby car kit blocks are soft, kiln-dried, northwestern pine blocks, cut precisely to 7 inches long, 1-3/4 inches wide. Accurately duplicating the dimensions of the BSA pinewood block.
  • HERE TO HELP - Maximum Velocity has been serving the Pine Derby community for 20 years. All our products are tested and proven to help you reach Maximum Velocity!
  • Not Official BSA kit
  • 100 % MADE IN THE USA

Maximum Velocity Pinewood Car Kit | Includes BSA Speed Wheels, Speed Axles, Graphite & Steel Weight | Wing Car Derby Car Kit

as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • ENGINEERED FOR WINING RESULTS - Our premium CNC pinewood car body made with a sleek aero dynamic design.
  • QUALITY TUNGSTEN WEIGHT - Derby car kit includes superior Tungsten weight. All weight pockets cut specifically for included tungsten.
  • PROFESSIONALLY LATHED BSA WHEELS - Wheels lathed on state of the art CNC lathe. Tread surface trued to center of hub bore. All wheels have matched mold numbers ensuring that the bore diameter and other wheel measurements are identical, maximizing performance.
  • SPEED AXLES - Not your standard BSA out of the pine derby car kit axles. Accurate, round shaft to improve performance. No burrs and crimp marks, eliminating tedious work. Also creates a faster more consistent derby car.
  • NOT ALL PINE DERBY CAR GRAPHITE IS CREATED EQUAL - Maximum Velocity lube dry graphite is a proprietary blend of high-purity natural flake graphite for top performing pinewood cars.
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Pintwood Pro Basic Derby Car Kit with Official Wheels, Official axles and pre-Cut pre-drilled Wedge Block

as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • Official Pine block, pre-cut into an aerodynamic wedge shape with pre-drilled axle slots for easy insertion.
  • Official stock wheels
  • Official stock nails
  • FREE bonus set of plastic Race Car parts, that includes an engine block, headers, roll bars, engine blower and race car driver helmet.

Building the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car: Speed Secrets for Crossing the Finish Line First! (Fox Chapel Publishing) Illustrated Guide to Making a Competitive Car, from Planning & Designing to Finishing

15 new from $6.89
58 used from $1.44
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • Design Originals-Building The Fastest Pinewood Derby Car
  • Cross the finish line in the fastest car with the techniques revealed in this book by established Pinewood Derby authority, artist, and Scoutmaster Troy Thorne
  • There is no secret to creating a winning entry all you need is a great design and these tips for tricking your car out for maximum speed
  • Discover the ultimate car championship techniques that will allow you to shave those last tenths of a second off your time and go home with the trophy
  • Author: Troy Thorne

Woodland Scenics Pine Car Derby Racer Premium Kit, Blue Venom (P3950)

18 new from $13.78
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • Saves time; no cutting or chiseling or shaping when you use this kit
  • This package contains one pre-cut wood racer body
  • Adult supervision required

Polarized Square Sunglasses For Men and Women Matte Finish Sun Glasses UV Protection Glasses

as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • Design inspiration ►►► These KUGUAOK sunglasses Inspired by the screen heroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, this design epitomizes the spirit of exploration and adventure. The iconic American frame design is accented by rivets embellishment , perfect for those who seek equal parts performance and style.
  • HD POLARIZED LENS ►►►These KUGUAOK Sunglasses lens are specifically designed for effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam, avoid the occurrence of glare.Make the view clear and natural, making the scenery look soft and not dazzling.Therefore you will be able to enjoy the during all outdoor activities, driving, fishing or any water sport as well.
  • ULTRA LIGHT FRAME & FASHION DESIGN ►►► The ultra-light frame is more comfortable to wear, and the stylish design shows personality and taste. It is suitable for driving and cycling, motorcycle, running, fishing, climbing, hiking or other outdoor activities enthusiasts.
  • 3 PACK SUNGLASSES ▶▶ The sales method of 3APCK is not only economical, but also conducive to daily use. You can use it to match different clothes or share with family and friends.
  • KUGUAOK BRAND SERVICE ▶▶ We insist on paying attention to product quality. If you have any quality problems or are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us, we will seriously solve the problem.(If the product has quality problems within 30 days, it can be replaced free of charge)

Pintwood Pro Race Car Accessories for Derby Cars

as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • COOL LIGHT WEIGHT realistic race car accessories for use on pine derby cars
  • EASY snap off pieces
  • RACE CAR Spoiler, Side Pipes, Engine Block, Air Intake and Racing Helmet with Roll Bar
  • PAINTABLE or use as is for that metal racing car look
  • SAFE: Child Product Certificate (CPC) tested by an independent lab for CPSIA Section 101 & 106; ASTM F963-17

Pinewood Derby Designs & Patterns: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Coolest Car (Fox Chapel Publishing) 34 Patterns, plus Expert Tips & Techniques to Build a Jaw-Dropping, Prize-Winning Car

5 new from $4.39
45 used from $1.10
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 2:28 pm


  • FOX-23341
  • 9781565233416
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product
  • Design Originals

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