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Once you’ve decided on that you want to buy popping corn, be sure to check the product reviews. Reviews are a great way to find out if the product is right for you and whether it has any design flaws. If there are multiple bad reviews, you may want to look at other products. Negative reviews can tell you a lot about the product, including things you may not have thought to consider. They can tell you about any potential issues with the product. They can also tell you about issues with the manufacturer’s customer service. To help you out, we’ve collected reviews of what we think are the popping corn this year. Before you proceed with anything, read through our thoughts on the top popping corn, as well as an overview of what you need to know when considering your buying

This is the ultimate buyers guide popping corn.

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The Best popping corn

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels, Original Yellow, 8 Lb

3 new from $13.28
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as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • Contains (8) pounds of Orville Redenbacher's original Yellow Gourmet Popcorn Kernels
  • Orville Redenbacher's Original Yellow Gourmet Popping Corn Kernels are premium popping at its finest, giving you delicious popcorn with a crispy outside and a tender inside.Store at room temperature
  • Use Orville Redenbacher's original yellow gourmet popcorn kernels to make a simple, wholesome popcorn snack on your stovetop, air popper, or electric popper
  • 100 percent natural, non-GMO project verified
  • 100 percent whole grain, gluten free popcorn

Pop Secret Popcorn, Jumbo Popping Corn Kernels, 30 Ounce Jar

4 new from $7.59
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as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher certified
  • The package dimension of the product is 8"L x 4.1"W x 3.8"H
  • The package weight of the product is 2 pounds

Snappy Yellow Popcorn Kernels, 12.5 Pounds

as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • GOURMET QUALITY AND FLAVOR; enjoy the consistent quality of our flavorful popcorn with almost no un-popped kernels
  • NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE; low-calorie, 100% whole-grain, high-fiber Snappy snack that is seriously delicious and supremely satisfying
  • GROWN IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND; our popcorn is proudly raised, processed and packaged in Iowa since 1940
  • RAW PREMIUM POPCORN KERNELS; farm-fresh corn ready to pop on your stovetop, in your air popper or electric popper for a simple, wholesome snack that’s ready in minutes
  • SIZE; contains 1 - 12.5 lb Bag of Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Trader Joe's Organic Popping Corn 28 oz ( 1 lb 12 oz )794g

13 new from $2.88
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as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • Whole grain snack that's high in fiber.
  • Low in fat and sodium.
  • Certified organic & all natural.

Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds

2 new from $11.99
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • GOURMET QUALITY AND FLAVOR; enjoy the consistent quality of our flavorful white popcorn kernels.
  • NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE; low-calorie, 100% whole-grain, high-fiber healthy popcorn snack.
  • GROWN IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND; our iowa popcorn is grown, processed and packaged since 1940.
  • PREMIUM CORN KERNELS; ready to pop on your stovetop, air popper, electric popper or popcorn machine.
  • REUSABLE 4 POUND JAR; white popping corn can be used with refill bags

Amish Country Popcorn | 4 Ounce Variety Kernel Gift Set (10 Pack Assorted) | Old Fashioned, Non-GMO and Gluten Free (4oz Each, 10ct Total)

as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • 10 PACK VARIETY GIFT SET - A mix of Amish Country Popcorn's Best Flavors; Including baby white, red, extra large caramel, purple, and mushroom popping corn (four ounces each flavor)
  • STORING YOUR POPCORN - For long-term storage, we recommend keeping your popcorn in a resealable plastic or glass container in a cool, dry place. Any intense heat or high humidity can drastically shorten the shelf life of popcorn, as with all grains.
  • NON-GMO & GLUTEN FREE - With our products being Non-GMO and Gluten Free, you can eat this popcorn with an peace of mind!
  • LOW CALORIE - Not only is our Popcorn low calorie, but it is delicious and healthy as well!
  • TREE NUT & PEANUT FREE - You don't have to worry nut allergies with Amish Country Popcorn products. You can grab a bag, pop it, and you're ready to enjoy the deliciousness.
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Bob's Red Mill Whole White Popcorn, 30-ounce (Pack of 4)

6 new from $20.95
Free shipping
as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • PERFECT WHOLE GRAIN SNACK: White Popcorn is simply whole grain white corn kernels; pop them on the stovetop, in an air-popper, or in the microwave and top with butter and salt for a delicious, wholesome snack
  • GLUTEN FREE: To assure the integrity of our gluten free products, we’ve built a separate 100% gluten free facility and batch test in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test
  • GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER: One serving provides 14% of your daily value of fiber
  • NON-GMO: Non-GMO Project Verified; we’ve always been committed to sourcing raw materials that are not modified through genetic engineering
  • BOB'S RED MILL: Make folks a little happier: it’s the idea that keeps our stone mills grinding to fill every bag with wholesome goodness

White Cat Corn Gourmet Good Popcorn Popping Corn Kernels, Light and Fluffy 27 ounces

5 new from $9.86
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as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • POP PERFECT: White Cat Corn is premium popping corn known for its sweet corn taste and light and crunchy texture, pops perfect every time. Perfect for snacks
  • FLUFFY AND LARGE: Pops large and fluffy kernels of popcorn for a great snack favorite - perfectly popped great source of fiber. Pops in air popper or stovetop and makes the best buttered popcorn treat. Unlike other kernels that only pop 20-30 times their size, White Cat Popcorn pops 40 times its size ensuring a very small hull
  • READY TO POP AND EAT: White Cat Corn comes ready to pop and enjoy and is packed in a classic glass canning jar. Add butter and salt or your favorite seasoning or flavoring as a great topping
  • NON-GMO for an ideal popcorn experience that has an airy crunch and mildly corny, slightly sweet smack taste

Dutchman's Popcorn - Gourmet Yellow Popcorn Kernels (4lb Refill Bag), Old Fashioned Popping Corn, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Microwaveable, Stovetop and Air Popper Friendly

as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • DISCOVER THE FINEST YELLOW POPCORN KERNELS FOR POPPING; we value quality and freshness that is evident in the flavor and pop-rate or our kernels- they’re amazingly fluffy & delicious!
  • SUBTLE-SWEET FLAVOR & HEFTY SIZE compliments any topping or seasoning you use, and whether using an air popper or the stove-top method (try our perfect pop method in the description below), you’ll enjoy almost no un-popped kernels.
  • NON-GMO; we grow our popcorn IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND in the rich black soil and pick at just the right time.
  • DECORATIVE REUSABLE JARS - Choose 4 pounds of our delicious popcorn kernels in half-gallon canister jars, or our handy refill bags.
  • NUTRICIOUS SNACK; our Gourmet Yellow Popcorn naturally contains VITAMIN A & BETA CAROTENE; sure to please even the most picky eaters, making it a great staple snack.

Black Jewell Hulless Popcorn, Crimson Kernels for Popping. Pops White, Non-GMO, Heritage Kernel, All Natural Snack with Antioxidants, Whole Grain, Gluten Free, Gourmet, Vegan, 28.35oz (Pack of 1)

as of September 22, 2022 6:28 am


  • Crimson heritage kernels that pop white - Black Jewell crimson heritage kernels are popped into bright white, fresh, crispy, ready to eat popcorn that has a richer taste than regular popcorn. Our heritage popcorn pops smaller and tastier making it The Better Popcorn
  • Hulless popcorn - Black Jewell crimson popcorn has no hulls because of the smaller kernels, making it more tender and better to snack on. No pesky popcorn hulls get stuck in your teeth. It's easier to digest and tastes delicious. It's the more pleasant popcorn snacking experience
  • 100% natural better for you snack - Our popcorn provides more protective antioxidants than any other yellow or white popcorn brands. This popcorn is also non-GMO verified, whole grain, gluten-free, and cholesterol free
  • Grown in the USA - Our kernels are grown on Family Farms in fertile USA Midwestern soil with fresh air and pure water
  • Doing our part - Black Jewell supports the essential role of native pollinators through our growing practices, planting pollinator plots, and contributing to pollinator advocacy groups

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