Owning a home gym has many facilities. Primarily it allows you to concentrate and work on your fitness and health at any time convenient to you. The social distancing situation caused by the lockdown sees the importance of home gym in another light. The fitness equipment is not a luxury but is a necessity now, as visiting the gym at your locality or your community is not a plausible option now. So you must pay attention to your health and doing the exercises in irregular fashion does not show any result.

Smart At-Home Fitness Equipment

The smart fitness equipments which are now available at the market can help you survive through this static situation and maintain your health. We are here suggesting you a few important and necessary fitness equipments which can come handy.

Studio cycle

A sleek studio cycle will help you to enhance flywheel and get a smooth ride in the corner of your home.

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle


  • There are preinstalled workout regimes which will go on a stream and you can uninterruptedly do the exercise.
  • The padded seat, set of dual speakers and a water bottle holder lets you enjoy the session and also maintains the comfort factors.
  • The mounted transport wheels make the bike easy to move and you can shift it from one room to the other without much hassle.
  • A certain amount of decline and incline facility will help you work the tricep and bicep muscles out efficiently.


Mirror is an interactive fitness device that helps you to work out with full-body without any coach or trainer.



  • There is a 40-inch display where you can see many live and on-demand exercise videos and training classes of boxing, cardio, yoga, pilates or more.
  • You can correct your postures and movements by following your own exercise in the mirror.
  • Library of classes, stylish design and 1080p display made Mirror an alluring gadget to be owned and kept at every fitness freaks’ house.
  • The display is, however, not touch screen so there is less chance of touching the mirror while working out and changing the programme.
  • Also, the gadget is not a bulky one so you can easily keep this exercise equipment in your any sized room.

Peloton Tread

For the runner who loves to jog or speed-run first thing in the morning would love to have a Peloton tread at home.  The brand comes from a renowned company which offers multiple online classes every week. The compact design makes it nice equipment to be kept at drawing-room.



  • There are 90 live sessions available per week from the company.
  • The on-demand classes are raging the library and the time length is varied from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, so you can choose accordingly.
  • A monthly membership is required to access the classes, and you can create an individual account for all of your family members.
  • This is integrated with Fitbit and Strava fitness apps so you can access the exercises from those apps too.
  • The bran Peloton has a mobile app too, through which you can access thousands of workouts led by instructors, like floor-based strength training or yoga.


The home gym equipment that offers you full access to all different kinds of fitness activities is Tonal. This is a wall-mounted machine which has two adjustable arms.



  • It works with a combination of electricity and magnet. It digitalizes weights and offers you up to 200 pounds resistance.
  • It needs a monthly membership and after you get registered you can access the library of on-demand strength training workouts.
  • When you are registered, you can set up an unlimited number of user profiles through which your friends and family members can access the classes.
  • There is AI coaching software that will guess the liking of your exercising and will offer you verbal suggestions regarding the workout regime.
  • It increases the amount of weight gradually so you can tolerate it and become stronger slowly.

Fight camp

When boxing is your passion, you will wish to practice it even during the lockdown, you will get Fight Camp at your home. It is also said that punching a bag helps you to get relieved from stress and tension.



  • There is personal package in Fight Camp in which you get the free-standing bag, a pair of punch trackers, boxing gloves along with wraps and work out mat. 
  • You can get the full set or go for a cheaper option if you have the accessories back at home.
  • The classes will be aired on TV or an iPhone or iPad.
  • The punch tracker is sweat-proof so it will not be affected by the moisture. The tracker measures the speed and force of the strikes so later you can summarise the workout. The punch count and punch rate per minute provide you with the statistics of real-time workout.
  • The trackers are capable of calculating the output number for the workout session that is determined by the algorithm of speed, technique or intensity.
  • You can compete on the leaderboard existing in Fightcamp community.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee for the classes.


During this pandemic situation when most of the gyms and studios remain closed, there is nothing better than keeping a healthy diet and schedule your daily workout. This will not only help you to stay fit and healthy but also will keep your immunity strong. So get some smart fitness equipments and tone your body, lose the extra weight and utilize the time for self-care.