Nowadays weight loss is the first goal for many of the people in the world but still there are few people how to gain weight since they feel to look some muscular strength and also to improve the performance in athletics. Gaining weight is also not an easier process it is just consuming little more number of calories then and you burn the calories on a daily basis. For the people, to weight gain, the most effective way to increase their calorie is to take some extra supplements.

When those people intake some type of protein supplements their body will gain rich in protein level and also carbohydrates and amino acids will also be increased. Here in this article let us discuss in detail some of the best mass and weight gain supplements.


Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

The optimum nutrition pro gainer is one of the very popular and award-winning weight gain supplement which is highly rated by the number of consumers used. This mass gainer supplement which contains for about 60 grams of dairy product and egg protein this both the components are completely rich in proteins and also this optimum nutrition pro gainer has only low-calorie diet it is mainly used for mass gaining product. In this product, the flavours are available in banana and dark rich chocolate.


This creatine is also one of the best weight gaining supplement and this is naturally produced in your body itself this mainly provides a heavy amount of energy especially for your muscles and other tissues. Apart from this when you intake dietary supplements this creatine level will be increased up to 40 percentages when compared to the normal level. This will completely help your muscles to increase and also show your performance level in exercises will also be boosted up and which will help you to promote the gain of muscles.

Research has been found that this creatine level completely improves the strength of the muscles. When you start increasing your muscle level automatically you can develop a better performance level while during the time of exercises. When this is automatically increased the level of hormones will also be improved and this help for the growth of muscles.

Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer

Universal nutrition is mainly produced for the supplement of muscle gain. here in this product, it delivers for about 50 grams of high protein level and also it gives the calories to lower level. This product completely lowest the fat level and it increases the percentage of protein. And this will completely help you to gain your muscle strength.


It is the supplement which helps for muscle growth and the supplement should be given at the time when you do workouts. This is one of the leading supplement and when you intake this your muscle will completely be recovered in an overnight. This is the combination of vitamin, magnesium and zinc products and this supplement should be taken before you go to sleep at night it completely helps you to enhance the recovery of muscles in your body.

MuscleTech Mass Tech

This is also one of another popular product that contains full of carbohydrates and proteins here this product which has 10 grams of creatine level of the monohydrate and as well as it contains many branched amino acids and this product will completely e help you to increase your muscle strength since it is rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

This optimum nutrition serious mass is the best product and supplement for or increasing your muscle strength and when you intake this product almost twice the calories will be increased when compared to the lower-calorie products. This product is completely built for mass gainers and here the protein level is completely high and the flavours used here is chocolate peanut butter and banana.

Evlution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer

In most of the protein gainers, they are completely rich in proteins that are they are rich in casein level and this is the diary product which takes little bit tougher for digestion but this nutrition start product contains protein whey but it is the faster digestion product. So this product is completely different from other products in the list and also this is rich in protein and calories and which has lesser fat and carbohydrates and the flavours available here are chocolate and vanilla.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

This is Dymatize super mass gainer which has many advantages when compared to other products since it is having the informed choice for the product of approval. This product contains one gram of creatine of monohydrate and this product is rich in protein and calories and it gives the maximum benefit to increase your muscle strength and the flavours available for this product chocolate cake matter and cookies cream.

This product which contains 70 grams of protein level and it is completely introduced for bodybuilding which is rich in a higher level of proteins in the market and this product which is rich in egg protein level and casein and whey they are the dairy products they are a little bit slower for digestion. This product has also different type of flavours such as chocolate and vanilla.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass

This is also so rich in protein supplement and which contains the dairy products and in this product also creatine monohydrate is added for about 5 grams. Creatine is one of the supplements which are used for improving the strength of muscle and power. This product is also rich in protein and calories and the flavours available are chocolate peanut butter, strawberry and chocolate fudge.


Thus these are some of the mass and weight gainer supplements which are rich in calories and protein this product will completely help you as an additional supplement in your busy lifestyle. Each of the products contains for about 50 to 70 grams of rich in protein and carbohydrates and calories so this product will completely help you to increase your muscle strength and also it will help you for gaining extra energy in your body.