Cameron Diaz is an American former actress, producer, author and model. She had 4 Golden Globe Award nominations, 3 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and also a New York Film Critics Award. In 2013 she became the highest-paid actress who is over 40 in Hollywood.

Diaz has also written 2 health books “The Body Book” (2013) which became the New York Times bestseller and “The Longevity Book” (2016). Her final movie was Will Gluck’s film (2014) an adaption of Annie.

Cameron Diaz Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Cameron Diaz is known to have a wonderful body and is an adventurous person as she is always seen doing outdoor activities when on vacations and living a healthy life and also motivating people to maintain a healthy and fit body.


Cameron Diaz Workout Routine

The workout routine followed by Cameron Diaz to maintain a fit body is as follows:

  • Cameron Diaz had ab amazing gym trainer for attaining the best body she has and recommends to her followers to have proper guidance for working out.
  • She starts her routine by pumping iron with heavyweights and fewer reps in order to get in shape, but lifting weights can also boost your endorphins, also can increase the bone density and lower the blood sugar level and also relieves you from stress.
  • Diaz then switches up to the Arm Strengthening exercises. As she believes it is very important to do arm exercises for its strengthening. She normally does 15 to 20 reps and adding weight.
  • Shaping the butts is also very important in order to have an amazing body. You can do that by doing the squats, by getting into a bridge position and exercising and feeling the contraction in your butt; that is when you realise the exercise is working.
  • Working out your abs by doing plank push-ups (3 sets of 8 reps), which will help you in forming up your amazing abs.’
  • Work out your legs by doing mountain climbing by placing your hands on the floor and moving legs forward and backwards which will help you in strengthening your legs and shaping them up.
  • She is often seen doing lots of outdoor activities while going on vacations and are interested in sports like golfing paddle boarding, etc. so that she is not missing her daily workout routine and she can stay fit even in her vacations.
  • She even motivates her fan for staying fit and lead a healthy life and it will also help you in relieving from stress.

Cameron Diaz Diet Plan

Cameron Diaz is also very particular about her diet as she is ageing very gracefully she is very strict with her diet and has the following diet routine which helps her to maintain her stunning body:

  • Cameron Diaz starts her day with a bottle of water for staying hydrated and rehydrating the body after hours of sleep.
  • She eats something light but protein-rich food for breakfast like some overnight oats or scrambled eggs, apple with almond butter which helps her through the workout.
  • For lunch, she generally takes in meals that have protein, carbs, good fats and leafy greens.  She generally goes with garden-fresh vegetables and herbs for all her dishes.
  • She is not a big fan of snacks so she generally fills herself during mealtime and drinks probiotics for better gut health.
  • For dinner, she eats a savoury protein-rich dish with avocado and her very famous lamb chops.

She believes in eating healthy and working out daily helps her stay fit and stay in shape and also motivate her fans to do the same and lead a fit and healthy life. As due to this routine she is ageing gracefully and as beautiful as ever.