5 Best Health Apps

Best Health Apps

The importance of health has increased with time and with up-gradation in technology there is also up-gradation in the health as there is also up-gradation in the health technology. So because of this there are so many health apps that are available in the market and that will tell you everything regarding your health and […]

Books to Read This Pride Month


June is recognized as Pride Month to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall riots at New York City’s Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969. In honor of the month, we’ve rounded up 8 books, from inspirational memoirs to irresistible romances, from Pulitzer Prize-winning novels to historical accounts, to offer insight into the LGBTQ+ experience. Ultimate LGBTQIA+ […]

Best Books To Gift On Mother’s Day

Books To Gift On Mother's Day

If your mother is a book lover why not give the gifts of words this Mother’s Day. The gift of a book is an exceptional choice for these tough times and a fail-safe option. So, we rounded up some of our favourite heartfelt books that make great gift for Mother’s Day. 6 Great Books for […]

Mother’s Day Ideas During Quarantine

Mother's Day

Given this year’s difficult circumstances many of us are celebrating the Mother’s day at home or even, away from our mothers. But remember, Mother’s Day isn’t cancelled; and with some creativity and preparation, you can give your mom the Mother’s Day she deserves and make her smile. It’s easier than you think to show this […]

Best Mother’s Day Movies to Watch With Your Mom

Best Mother's Day Movies to Watch With Your Mom

A good movie with your mother is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. It costs you a very little; so grab some snacks, and get cosy up in bed or on the couch together. And if they’re apart because of social distancing, you can go on a virtual movie date with her. Here’s a list of […]

7 Best Workout Apps to Download Right Now

Best Workout Apps

Almost every day there’s a new workout app in the stores. This is due to a number of influencers, trainers, and brands partnering that are present for promotional purposes. There are a number of apps in the store and it is very difficult to know which app is worth downloading. So to know which app […]

7 Ways to be Eco-Friendly And Save Money

7 Ways to be Eco-Friendly And Save Money

Earth has been our residence for thousands of years, and we are using all the resources of it. We do not think much about the way to keep it safe and green, until now, when the environmentalists are warning us about the danger of getting demolished in the near future. Taking measures to save the […]

7 Small Ways to Live More Sustainably

Live More Sustainably

The modern world is suffering the result of being overexposed to too much consumerism. We are now using too many commodities and craving for more and more. We have forgotten the motto, “less is more”. We are chasing the fast lifestyle and in doing so we are wasting too much to litter the earth. The […]

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Most of the people are spending a lot of extra time at home currently. This includes the workdays too. In this situation, we will be reporting to our jobs, and doing this we find ourselves on the sofas or at our kitchen tables, trying to complete the work without the presence of the office of […]