Chris Pine (born August 26, 1980) is an American actor. Pine made his feature film debut as Lord Devereaux in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004). He is best known for his roles as James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. Chris Pine also worked in other popular movies like Unstoppable (2010), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014), Into the Woods (2014), Wonder Woman (2017).

Chris Pine Workout Routine

Chris Pine Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The workout routine of Chris Pine involves metabolic circuits, cross-training, and along with those supersets, to get ready for his movie roles the movie star is much focused to stay fit and in shape.

The workout followed by Chris Pines is designed by his personal trainer that is Paul Vincent. He created his workout routine such that the actor stays in shape and since the actor wanted to look a bit chunkier, therefore, exercises of such sort were created.

Chris Pine Workout Routine

His workout routine starts when he gets up in the morning. Now, in order to keep his metabolism going, he performs a daily superset. This gives his body the required energy and helps him to stay fit throughout the morning routine.

Daily superset

The workout routine is based on keeping a good posture. For this, the Swiss ball exercises are great and they help in developing the abs and even the back. Also, by giving strong care you can keep your body quite healthy.

The exercises involve:

For the Swiss ball exercise, it is important that stability is maintained. The ball helps in providing resistance to the body weight and the stretching helps to get the right kind of posture.

Chris pine uses this to get the abs and the posture right.

In the Arch Rock exercise one need to rock front and back on the pelvis in 30 reps. one back and one forth make up one rep.

Also, make sure that your body is forming the right kind of arch and the feet need to be squeezed together in the right way. Now, the more motion you achieve the better it is.

Cross-training workouts

These workouts are designed by the trainer Paul Vincent. This typically means getting out and performing the training and workout that you are not used to. The main goal is to apply these to your primary goals.

Yoga Routine: Pop Workouts and Yoga workouts

Practice 2 sets of each drill. These are just another way of trying out something new and also getting the right amount of workouts. The actor also likes to run around the city and the hills. These workouts help in toning the muscles and these workouts are considered quite well for cardio and fat burning. These help in keeping Chris pine in shape, but the main burning comes from, the circuit training.

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Metabolic training

In order to burn the fat, the actor performs circuit training. To prepare for the movie shoot he follows this routine. In this, he performs strength-based movements and also the athletic part.

Metabolic circuit training is the core routine of the workout followed by celebrities.

The main goal of doing this is that one can get the 100 reps in each move and as many reps in one minute. In case you cannot get 100 reps then take another minute to finish it. After doing this go on to the next exercise.

Moreover, there are many other exercises that also. Such as the Kettle ball swings, broad jumps, and even rowing.


Chris Pine Diet Plan

According to Chris Pine 70-80% of getting better involves a good diet. Also, when he has to get in shape for a movie role then he needs a high-calorie diet but the diet is less in crabs.

Moreover, we see that Chris Pine not only takes care of his food but he keeps his morning energized with a cup of coffee.

Also, when he is preparing for the role of his movie he picks and chooses the carbohydrates. His main focus is on protein and her makes sure to eat the seared tuna. Also, he eats a lot of vegetables to keep up with his carbohydrates requirements.

Moreover, when Chris Pine is focused to eat lean protein, the major portion of the calorie is from healthy carbs. The actor does not want to look bulky instead he wants to maintain the carbohydrate ratio and the physique so that he stays energized.

During an interview, he mentioned that he drinks a lot of water, and even when you see him eating anything at a restaurant he is guzzling water. And during the time when he is not working up for a movie, he focuses to eat a good diet like steak, and heirloom tomatoes. Also, he loves fine wines and Italian and French dishes.

Some of the workout summary tips:


Thus, his workout and diet regime is quite unique and worth following if you wish to have a physique like him.


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