A potential Sports Illustrated model, as well as food blogger and best selling cookbook author, the 34-year-old lady who managed all these roles effortlessly, is called Chrissy Teigen.

Not only limited to these few roles, but she has also been an entrepreneur, TV personality, and social justice activist and twitter comedian.

Chrissy Teigen Workout Routine and Diet Plan

She has two kids and she is a proud mom too. Her belief in wellness and fitness has been turned upside down since she has become a mother and her preconceived belief that a swimsuit model must-have is now not the same. She now believes in being happy and fit at the same time, which can be a more down to earth and achievable goal for her followers and admirers.


Chrissy Teigen Workout Routine

Chrissy Teigen practices dance-based workouts and she works out for four days a week. Her professional instructor Simone De La Rue claims that Chrissy is a pro at jumping ropes. Plank is another favourite exercise and she can plank for 20 minutes. She has recently got interested in acro yoga.

The class of Simone consists of dance, cardio and strength training.  Favourite moves of this class are:

  • Tricep shredder – You have to hold one end of the resistance band overhead with the right hand. The left hand should reach behind your body to grab the other end of the band. Now you have to bend the right elbow and straighten the arm to reach the ceiling. With 10 reps of this in each set, you will repeat the posture with the other hand.
  • Core strengtheners – In a plank position, lower the right knee and liftback. Now lower the left knee and liftback. Now try this pose with both the knees down to the floor and come back to the original position. This should be repeated 30 times.
  • Pony kick – Get on the floor with all fours and keep a ball between the right calf and thigh. Now bring the heel to the butt to stretch the hamstring. Now lower the knee to the floor and squeeze the glutes and then kick the heel to the ceiling.
  • Free run – It is great fun for Chrissy Teigen to gently run on the mini-trampoline. It gives the effect of cardio on a low scale.

Chrissy Teigen Diet Plan

She is a self-confessed food lover and junk food also gets a place in her favourite item list, like chicken wings, Frito pie, queso etc. The other food items on her savoury list are actually amazing, let’s probe into it.



She is a big fan of eggs and chickens. She has eggs on her breakfast with sausage, turkey or bacon and or egg and cheese McMuffin. Sliced avocado and grilled tomatoes are also her favourites. Condiments like Cholula are also her favourite. Savoury oats with Sriracha, eggs and overnight avocado toast is another favourite breakfast platter for her.


Fried chicken is her all-time favourite, other than that, she loves to gorge on grilled chicken salads with toppings or coconut chicken curries or maybe a sandwich.


She loves to eat nuts and pistachios for snacks. Also, an avocado half with salt and pepper can be a nice replacement. She also loves her midnight snacks and she has reportedly said to have ham and cheese sandwich with Velveeta slices and mayo as the bedtime snacks. Also, she loves spicy jalapeno chips and any kind of hot spicy pickles like pickled jalapeno and pepperoncini. These also she adds in her various recipes.


She has proclaimed that unlike most celebrities, dinner is the biggest meal of her day. She loves to have branzino with lemon, garlic and rosemary cooked by her mom for dinner. She says that if she eats a light plate of salad for diner, hunger will wake her up at midnight.


She does not love the desert. This is the reason she has skipped the particular item on her latest cookbook.

Chrissy Teigen has been successful in all the spheres that she has tried her hand on. She keeps with her fitness habits and stays in a happy mood, and she believes happy living is the secret of a healthy lifestyle.