Are you the one who wants to be fit, but you are not willing to join the health club either? Also, you might find the gym expensive and therefore no gym may seem convenient to you. There is also a possibility that you are a gym member but your schedule is so tight that you cannot visit a gym.

Well, that leaves only one option for you that is a workout at home or doing simple exercises that help maintain the fitness that you need.

Moreover, there are experts too, that mention that today life is so busy that people do not get time to get access to every facility and it can be attained only through a consistent routine.

According to the 24-hour fitness routine, the main aim is to do something at some time and somewhere. The fitness experts also mention that it does not take much time to design a good program for a workout at home. There is stuff like dumbbells, tubing, exercise bands that help in creating a routine that is beneficial for all the muscle groups.

Easy Home Exercises To Stay-Fit

It is not necessary to have special machines to build muscles and calories, to stay fit simple exercises are also very suitable.

To get started brisk walk and push ups are also very suitable.

Some of the elements of fitness:

These elements help in developing a suitable fitness program easily at home and all people can do this at home easily.

  • Warm-up
  • Cardio workout
  • Strength building workout
  • Flexibility strengthening workout
  • And a cool down

Warm-up can be an easy walk or it can be done on a treadmill as well. For the cardio pedalling faster and walking, jump rope is also very beneficial. The users can do any of these which they find suitable and all of these will warm up the body.

For the resistance, squats, push-ups and crunches can also be very beneficial. Working with small dumbbells, tubing, weight bar or bands is also suitable.

Easy Home Exercises To Stay Fit

There are some tips that the exercisers can use:

  • The exercisers have to challenge themselves. It is true that there will not be many types of equipment present at home like the gym. So the users can surf the internet and look for exercises that make sure that the exercises they do are correct. Moreover, do refer to the pictures as they are a guide to the techniques and the form that is to be used.
  • Look for a partner. You would find workout interesting when you will be having a company.
  • Schedule the workouts. You can do this by maintaining a planner. Through the planer, you can write the appointments for exercise. If you find that the day is busy and you have other work to complete then you can reschedule.
  • The users can even make use of the journal that helps in tracking the progress. Moreover, track down your progress.
  • The users can even set goals such as losing 20 pounds. You have to set goals based upon your reach. Moreover, you can give yourself rewards such as new pair of sneakers or some tights that you are looking for.
  •  Moreover, one of the most important things is to make exercise an important part of life as like eating and sleeping. Exercise is to be regarded as a life-changing thing and overcome the idea that exercise is to be done only for a certain period of time.
  • To change your routine and add fitness into your life some of the best exercises are mentioned below. The users can go through these 7 exercises and take out time from their schedule to practice these.

Surya Namaskar

This is a type of exercise or movement that helps incomplete body stretching and will tone your body. If a person does one complete round of Surya namaskar then it means that he has burnt around 13.90 calories. It is recommended that this exercise be done with 5 sets in the starting and then shift it to 108 with the practice.

With each movement, the users can work out each part of the body slowly and steadily.


These are the functional movements and exercises that help in strengthening the tone of the legs. It can also be regarded as a resistance exercise and is used for strengthening the legs, hips and back. It also provides mobility as well as steadiness.


This exercise is very suitable for the legs and the back. It can help to keeps hold of posture and to maintain the body shape and tone. It also helps in building strength. If these are done perfectly these help in creating stability and also improving the connective tissue. These can be done with 4 reps along with the other exercises if the users want to see the best results.


Planks help in building strength and also maintain fitness. Great strength can be achieved from normal planks and side planks.  Those who are beginners can try the side planks leaning against a wall. This is effective and will help in building the muscles.


This exercise helps you in building muscle strength and also provides endurance to the lower body and the upper body. This is a complete body workout and also helps in burning calories.

Torso twist

This exercise is very beneficial for blood circulation. It improves the digestive issues and also helps in keeping the core fit. Through this, the lower abs can easily be toned by doing these three times in a day. This is an easy exercise and is suitable for people of all ages. It is also very effective in the longer run.

Dead bug

This is also an effective way to alleviate the muscles, spine and core. Helps in improving the posture and also reduce back pain. Through this better balance and coordination can also be developed.


These are the easy exercises and workouts that when performed at home help in stretching, flexing and the most important part will help in staying fit. Adding these to the workout regime will help in developing efficiency and consistency.


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