Are you the one who wishes to know about the diet plan and workout routine of Ellie Goulding then you need to go through the article below as all the details are mentioned here.

Elena Jane Goulding is an English singer and songwriter. She released her debut studio album Lights in 2010, which went straight to number one on the UK Albums Chart. There are various hits that she has given including Starry Eyed, Love Me Like You Do, and Anything Could Happen, etc.

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The singer is well known for her fit body and the exercise that she does. She works out for quite some time and there was not too much support for the workout she does but now she is loved by everybody. So read further and know more about her.

Body stats:

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine

The workout plan will leave you feeling excellent and when you will try it you would want to do it again so that you stay extra fit. When it comes to working out the singer follows intense workouts and along with that she never misses any of her workouts. 

The first thing that she finds very important after getting up in the morning is Yoga. If not Yoga then it is going for a run. Mostly she prefers yoga as she can run in her cardio workout as well. She also stated in one of her interviews that the yoga class is like Netflix and you can select the duration, the workout, and the difficulty level with it.


In her cardio workout routine, she mostly does sprints. She mentioned in her interview that she is not among those long runners but she likes to run fast. This is good as it burns the calories and also builds the much-needed stamina for the rest of the day. She does around 5-10 sprints along with warm-ups and cools down.

Weight training

She loves doing workouts and exercises and also performs a lot of the body weights along with the weight exercises. If we talk about bodyweight then it involves the squats, the sidekicks, pushups, and a lot more. And for the weight training, it is compound movement training.

She works out in the gym for around 3-4 days a week and for these days she does her training for around one and a half hours.


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If she is not hitting the gym or doing the weight training, she would for sure be at the boxing gym. This routine helps her to get stamina, the speed and has also made her the most influential person. She does boxing for at least 30 minutes or maybe an hour. This is also for around three days a week. She needs her trainer and the boxing bag and she is ready to hit the boxing gym.

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ellie Goulding Diet Plan

Now, talking about her diet plan we know that she is a vegetarian and she mostly prefers vegetarian food. This involves plants and animals and along with that tofu, whole grains foods, oatmeal, and whole-grain foods. She enjoys eating healthy food and loves eating cheat meals too like a pizza or a burger sometimes. She involves supplements in her diet as well in the form of shakes and smoothies.

She tries different fruit combinations for her smoothies and she tries vegetarian ones.

She also takes the Vega protein and this helps her gain lean muscle. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day and this is in order to stay hydrated.

Moreover, she also mentions that she wants to be a full vegan but she would like to eat meat too. She also realized that there is much more protein in greens than in meat.

Eating alone:

 She tries to eat as healthy as she can when she is alone. This is because when she is with someone she goes for dinner and eats pasta, burger, fries and a lot more dishes.

Coming out through hard times:

She mentions that there needs to be more awareness on how fitness can even affect mental health. She even mentions that workout helps you to feel better and if you don’t have sleep then a workout is of no use as you need the same amount of rest too.


We find that she follows a very healthy routine and a vegan diet that helps her stay fit. Moreover, yoga, running, workout and boxing are very important for her if she has to stay healthy and accomplish her tasks. Because she feels heath is connected to fitness and workout can help achieve that.

So do go through her routine and follow the same if you want a fir physique like hers.


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