The internationally renowned Gold Coast-based Aussie fitness expert Emily Skye is known for her overall wellness and body-positivity, and makes everyone comfortable in their own skin, and also for time building self-confidence.

Emily Skye

Eight years back, the 32-year-old model who turned as a trainer only weighed 47 kilos and was regarded as underweight, unhealthy, and also depressed. But, with the firm will power and hard work, Emily has changed herself from a skinny model to a strong, glamorous fitness trainer who has millions of fans around the world. Here we will share how this beautiful trainer has built her shredded abs, a sculpted pair of legs, and also an enviable buttock.

Emily Skye Workout and Diet Plan

Emily Skye Body Stats

Emily Skye Workout Routine

In an interview, Emily told that she was not happy with her life as a model, and everything she tried to do did not make her happy. She was always tried to be skinny, that is why she was starving herself of nutritious food. Emily had depression and was out of shape due to her poor dietary habits and excessive cardio workouts. However, her mindset was changed when she met her boyfriend, Declan Redmond.

She started working out and training and eating to live a stronger, fitter, and healthier life. The Aussie fitness model started focusing on strength training, lifting heavy weights and regularly performing the high-intensity interval training (HIIT). She followed her strict exercise regimen and has managed to gain muscle mass, now weighing 13kg more.

Emily Skye – 5 Day Bikini Body Training Schedule

Monday: for Full Body Workout

Tuesday: Core, Glutes, Legs Workout

Wednesday: Shoulders, Triceps, Glutes, Legs Workout

Thursday: it is a day for Rest

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Friday: it has Core, Back and Legs Workout

Saturday: this day is for Chest, Triceps, Core, Glutes, Legs Workout

Emily Skye Workout

Emily Skye – 30 Day Workout for abs shredding

It compromises of cardio, upper body, lower body, and full-body workouts.

Upper Body

Perform each of the followings for 30 sec

Lower Body

Perform each of the followings for 30 sec

Emily Skye – Ab and Core Workouts


Perform each of the followings for 30 sec

Full body

Emily Skye Diet Plan

Emily thinks and has faith in clean eating, which means feeding the body with accurate amounts of nutrients. She does not follow a vegetarian diet or a paleo meal plan but gives her meals with whole foods like dark leafy greens, along with lean meat, sweet potato, nuts, seeds, brown rice, etc. She stays away from processed food or foods rich in sugar and carbs. She also ingests some amount of fat coming from foods like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, nuts, and seeds. According to Emily, good fat will rebuild cells and help in the proper functioning of the brain.

Emily Skye 30 Day diet

Emily Skye daily Meal Plan


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