The term ‘fitspiration’ has been probably coined keeping Halle Berry in mind. This 53-year-old star can be the example of what a person can do with regular exercise, zeal for fitness and good gene. For many of her films, she has gone through different pieces of training and diet, but she remained static in one point, that is, basic fitness and workout schedule.

Halle Berry W

Halle Berry Workout Routine and Diet Plan

We are offered her ripped abs picture in Instagram and we could not help gushing about the fitness she has achieved through all these years. She never looks like a 50+ person, in fact, her looks are enviable for a 20-year-old and so is her work out schedule.

Types of exercises:

Halle Berry Workout Routine

In a Q&A session, she has shared a few secrets of her meticulous work out regime.

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Her workout routine contains kettlebell squat presses in 3 sets with 10 reps, kettlebell swings in 3 sets with 15 reps. she exercises with her personal trainer.

Halle Berry Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Halle Berry Diet Plan

Being a person over 50 and a mother of two, she follows the keto diet and practices intermittent fasting to stay in shape and energetic.


She juggles many roles like filming movies, event attending, bringing up her two kids etc. but she prefers to have some “me” time all the same. Wearing a face mask, taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine or reading books is her favourite pastime.

Mediation is another thing she loves. She does this to keep her concentration level high and also get relieved from everyday stress.


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