Matcha is a type of green tea that is made by the young leaves. These leaves are ground into a bright green powder. This powder is then mixed with the hot water and consumed. It is slightly different from the green tea as in the original green tea leaves are infused in water.

Health benefits of matcha tea

1. Energy

There is a combination of caffeine along with l-theanine in the matcha green tea. This will provide you with a stable and extensive boost of vigour without the jitters of anxiety or any other side effects that you might have experienced with coffee and some energy drinks.

The caffeine will help to gently awake you, and provide you with an increased energy boost.

2. Focus

Some things simply need a lot of your concentration. The combination of caffeine and l-theanine will help you boost up your concentration. L-theanine will increase the production of alpha waves in the brain. These alpha waves will help in persuading leisure and will bring into a profound feeling of mental clarity and make the mind more alert. The same response that you might get in meditation and yoga practice.

3. Boosting immunity

Matcha green tea helps in boosting the immune system and will prevent the invasion and expansion of viruses and bacteria in the body. There is special catechin antioxidant named EGCg that is very effective in fighting and it protects the body against a number of bacterial and viral infections. EGCg will bind the cells present in the body and this will restrict the growth of many disease-causing microorganisms.

4. Burns calories

If you try adding matcha to your weight loss program then you will see different results. EGCg and caffeine work greatly together to boost your metabolism naturally and also to increase the number of calories that you can burn on a daily basis.

5. Improves health

Matcha green tea will help in protecting you from a heart attack or stroke.  Also, the matcha green tea powder is way more effective than the steeped green tea when we are talking about heart health. If you introduce the matcha green tea into your regular diet then you might significantly lower the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Surely, matcha isn’t all that you require for a healthy heart. Experts suggest a healthy and regular eating pattern which involves whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, and foods that contain low sugar, fat, sodium and cholesterol. If you eat right and exercise accordingly then these are the key to a healthy heart.

6. Boost Brain Function

Surveys are performed to look at how people performed on a series of tasks that are designed to calculate brain performance. Some participants were fond who intake either matcha tea or a bag containing 4 grams of matcha. Whereas, the control group was found consuming a placebo tea or bar. The researchers have reported that matcha led to improvements in attention, reaction time and reminiscence, compared to the other one.

Another study has shown that if we consume 2 grams of green tea powder daily for about two months then it will help in improving the brain function in older people. After you drink 2 grams of matcha green tea every day for a period of 3 months, the mental state is found to improve.

7. Increases the calmness

L-theanine is a rare amino acid that is found in high amounts in matcha that helps in promoting a feeling of relaxation and also reduces mental and physical stress. L-theanine works well with caffeine so that it provides a stable increased boost of energy and without any side effects of caffeine and stimulants.

8. Antioxidants

Matcha Green Tea is found to have the highest antioxidant rating among all major superfoods, and for proving this there a test too. According to The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test, the matcha is found to have following antioxidant levels in foods, Matcha Green Tea has 1384 units per gram which are 13 times the antioxidants of pomegranates and it is 15x the antioxidants of blueberries, and also it is 125 times that of spinach.

9. Oral health

It is found that 90% of bad breath arises from the bacterial cavities present in your mouth. When this bacteria breakdown, then the sulphur elements in it tend to produce a foul smell. And in order to prevent you from bad breath, the matcha is highly effective.

10. Weight loss

Matcha has EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate), that helps to increase CCK (cholecystokinin). CCK is the hormone that is responsible for making you feel full. If you drink matcha between meals, then it will be helping you to feel full and help to resist those sneaky snacks which are made up of calories.

11. Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress really occurs and it damages the cells. This can direct a number of illnesses and diseases that include cancer, gene mutations, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and also heart-related issues. The antioxidants that are present in matcha enthusiastically seek out these molecules in the body and they also help to prevent the damaging effects. You can easily prevent oxidative stress. For this, you need to be sure that you have a constant supply of naturally occurring antioxidants in the diet.

12. Skin

Among the green tea benefits, one is that it is great for your skin. You can try making a matcha face mask and then you can try all sorts of ways for enhancing the beauty and skincare. The catechins that are present in green tea will help to trap and disable free radicals in the skin, helps to slow down signs of ageing. Applying this matcha mask directly to the skin will prove to be one of the best ways to fight for acne and symptoms of rosacea.

13. Reduces inflammation

Matcha powder also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, these are especially of EGCg, which helps to reduce the redness linked with chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. It is mild for all skin types and they also bring soothing relief. With this, your skin will feel better, and you’ll look good too. Matcha will remove redness.

14. Helps to improve the complexion

Matcha powder does a lot to keep your skin tone fresh and healthy. It helps to reduce inflammation, and it also offers a one-two punch for the skin to moisturize and say goodbye to dead skin cells, then rejuvenates the original skin to improve your complexion. And hence you will get a better version.


The matcha tea has a lot of benefits for the body. It is natural and somewhat similar to green tea. Try it out and experience the health benefits.