The superstar from a movie like Superman, Henry Cavill is the centre of attraction for many reasons. He has the body which makes us believe in the power of a superhero. We all crave to know what it takes to make such a tremendously powerful body. So here we are, trying to decode the secret of building such a great physique. We have seen him in flying colours and with X-ray visions.

The shredded torso and inhuman looking muscles of this British actor have been successful in giving him the fame for movies like Man of Steel or Batman V Superman.  The recent series in Netflix, The Witcher also gives us another chance of peering at his chiselled structure.

His workout and diet plan is always something we all are eager to know. The basic idea that we have got from various magazine interviews of Henry Cavill is, he pushes his limit all the time and reaches where he wants to be.

Henry Cavill Wokout and Diet Plan

Henry Cavill Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The iconic role of Superman was brought to reality by him with his trainer Mark Twight. The trainer is famous for working with the remarkable cast of the movie 300, and so he is one of the best people to know how to bring the best out of the celebrities with physical training. In his gym, there is no chance for comfort as he believes psychological and physical breaking is required to get into gruesome training.

The total outcome for characters like Superman or Man of Steel cannot be gained until one reaches himself to the ultimate level. So from the intake of protein shakes to mass gain or cardio and weightlifting, everything is inculcated into the training schedule of Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill Diet Plan

Fasted cardio, which is running in the morning before having any food, is a secret of Henry Cavill’s diet. This, he claims, works best for his body. With a huge structure like his, he needs 5000 calories per day to be consumed. So the diet is not necessarily be followed by anyone until he is of this big structure.

  • Breakfast – he takes 5 egg whites and 2 yolks everyday morning. He also takes steak with that. An oatmeal protein shake is another must-have for this meal. He takes No1 Rosemary water with these protein punched foods.
  • Snacks – For the snacking, he takes half-cup of cottage cheese, 56g of protein powder,2 cups of grapes, 3 spoons of barley and 1 1/5 oz of sunflower of seeds.
  • Lunch – chicken curry with jasmine rice and apple.  With these items in his lunch, he is being able to devour protein and carbs at the same time.  The curry and rice combination is flavorful, tasty and great in texture. Apple is added for minerals and water content.
  • Post-workout snack – he takes several bottles of protein shakes throughout the day. This time, he takes it with coconut milk, peanut butter and maltodextrin with whey powder.
  • Lunch 2 – this burly man takes lunch twice, as it is perfectly assimilated within his huge body structure. So for the second time, he takes chicken breast with curry sauce and roasted potatoes.
  • It is followed by snacks comprising barley, slivered almond, protein powder, olive and tangerines.
  • Dinner – bison steak with brown rice pasta which provides him with a natural source of creatine along with being low in calorie.
  • Post dinner he takes another protein shake which contains greens as well.
  • On his cheat day, he enjoys pizza.
Henry Cavill Wokout

Henry Cavill Workout Routine

He loves to do 100 repetitions of any particular exercise.  He loves to follow the tailpipe pattern while exercising in the gym with a group of people. It means that the whole team does 10 squats and then one person drops. Then it is repeated for 10 times and another person drops. If this is a team of 10 people then the last one will be doing 100 squats by the end. So whoever joins the team can finish his share of 100 squats and move on.

Other exercises like rowing 250 m, holding two kettlebells of 24 kg and breathe regularly, then resting and switching with the partner to finish three sets and racks is done in tailpipe exercise pattern.

The regular weekly workout for Henry Cavill contains the below forms.

  • Monday – squat, bench press and dead-lift with weight lifting as quickly as possible
  • Tuesday – 8 x 50-yard sprints with resting for one minute between each sprint
  • Wednesday – rest full day
  • Thursday – use 50dlb dumbbells and do bend over rows, power cleans and pushes presses each with 7DB
  • Friday – 20 kb swings and 60 yards sprint
  • Saturday – 3 back squats, 6 pull-ups and 9 pushups with as many repetitions possible
  • Sunday – take rest

This is a workout form which can help you to get a physique like this burlesque man Henry Cavill. Staying healthy and eating proper food always comes first in the list of being fit, so one should concentrate on that more.