The Coronavirus is prone to attack you mostly when you are not maintaining the basic health and hygiene tips. We are becoming dependent on technology and are forgetting some very necessary practices. The regular protocols that our ancestors had practised throughout their lives are now ignored by us. This is the loophole by which the microorganisms like Corona are attacking us and taking a havoc toll on us.

The virus has hit us hard and we are trying to ride this pandemic out of the residences. We have increased the dose of cleanliness and maintaining laundry and households have become immensely important. To keep germs under control we can you can use your new-found knowledge and make the most of the spare time that you have now. Quarantine time can be dedicated to taking care of your soul and body as well as your household.

Keeping Your Home Clean & Healthy

Keeping Your Home Clean & Healthy

To begin with, be smart with your home appliances and use them intelligently. Know a few tricks on how to use them so you never let the germ enter your body or household.

Use home appliances efficiently:

Do not frequently open the refrigerator door, and most specifically, do not hold the fridge door open to ponder over which item to take out from it. The repeated opening and closing of the refrigerator door let the warm air pass through. This creates more chance of hampering the food quality kept frozen. The internal temperature can rise and that is not good for the quality of the items. Not only that, but it is also a waste of energy. The defrost cycle of the refrigerator makes the temperature fluctuate. If you open the fridge at that particular time of defrosts then the process slows down, resulting in a rise of temperature raise which will eventually consume more energy.

The regular maintenance also prevents the extra energy consumption. If you keep your refrigerator in good condition then there will be no chance of coils getting clogged by dirt and dust. Also, you can do it yourself by checking the manual.

The washing machine, dryer or dishwasher should have a sanitizing cycle:

The modern version of these gadgets mentioned above comes with a sanitize cycle option which allows the hottest temperature to dry the dishes or clothes. The hottest temperature helps to kill the germs effectively. This is the best-chosen set of appliances which comes equipped with this feature.

Pay keen attention to the bathroom:

During the lockdown period, all the family members are staying home through the whole day. So the bathroom is being used more often now. You need to clean the touching points more frequently like the faucet, the doorknob and the switches for bathroom light and exhaust. Also, the bathroom towel is now being used more often so you must clean them daily or change them. The same applies to the hand and dish towels, and it is better to clean them once in three days. Dry the towels as keeping them wet after use will make it a favourite place for the bacteria to grow.

Use soaps:

Do not bother to use any medicated soap as there may be a scarcity of such soaps or liquid in the store. You can safely use any soap to wash your hand for 20 seconds and it will be effective. If you do not use soap frequently thinking only washing hands with water will be helpful, then you are doing a mistake. Use any soap to stay away from the danger of Coronavirus.

Stock important medicines:

As you are now locked down in your house and flexibility of moving out to buy things is not a choice, you must store the medicines. You should be prepared not only for Coronavirus but also other regular illness can affect your family. There is another chance of failing the medicine short in supply, due to the stoppage of the manufacturing of medicines. Painkillers, antacids and the regular medicine for cold and cough along with the regular medicines like the ones for high BP or blood sugar should be stocked for a month at least.

Don’t Forget About Your Mental Health :

Mental health should not be ignored as well. Do not feel stuck at home, shift your mindset and use the energy to do something proactive. Do not feel irritated as that will, in turn, aggravate rest of the family members. Listening to music and keeping the mood light can help. Or sit down for just a few minutes a day and do some meditation. Deep breathing, mind-clearing and examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings can help reduce the stress levels and make people happier.

Other Ways to Keep Germs Out of Your Home

Disinfecting the home regularly and following some tips to maintain the health will save you from this situation.

  • Keep the house clean by mopping the floor, vacuuming the carpet and scrubbing the kitchen countertop is a must.
  • Keep the dirty things, that are, shoes, bags, purses in a separate area and let the pathogens not enter your home is another method to stay safe.
  • Keep the bottle of sanitizer by the door so anyone enters the home wipes the hands with sanitizer and the knobs are wiped after every entrance or exit.
  • If you have been out, change your clothes into a clean outfit.
  • Keep your work station clean. It’s a good idea to wipe down your work station frequently, especially if you eat at your desk.