Most of the people are spending a lot of extra time at home currently. This includes the workdays too. In this situation, we will be reporting to our jobs, and doing this we find ourselves on the sofas or at our kitchen tables, trying to complete the work without the presence of the office of discipline.

The expectations are assumed to be the same, but the situation is not. And it’s not always easy to work at home for all sorts of work. 

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

The way to work-from-home with success is to develop an atmosphere that helps you to concentrate on the tasks given to you. If you are among those who are working from home for the first time or you just require a quick boost, we have discussed some good and important tips that will help you for developing a functional but fruitful work area at home only.

1. Have a Designated Workspace

The home office might prove to be a great one, but it isn’t suitable for each of us all the time. You may see yourself relaxing up on the sofa on one day and sitting on the dining table the next day, based on the work and the project. Firstly analyze how you usually divide your day. For instance, do you work more creatively in the morning? You might end up spending that time writing or thinking some great ideas for your latest project. The afternoons then can be supposed to be a more relaxed time which you can spend sitting on the sofa, reading the mails and carrying out the rest of your tasks for the workday.

2. Declutter

If you work at home, either in the kitchen or in the living room, there will be some sort of “stuff” around that will always remind you of the home chores, your mind will go there and you’ll get sidetracked. Whenever you are working from home, you need to choose a clutter-free zone. This will maintain your focus on your work and stay more allied with a disciplined experience. Check How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy During a Pandemic.

3. Develop a home office ambience

One of the benefits of working from home is to create a personal work area in a way you wish to and may not be able to create at the office. It’s all about developing a warm and comfortable but productive space that is perfectly suitable for your working style. Add fundamentals that give a calming or stimulating environment, like fresh flowers, task lighting, candles or some beautiful crystals.

4. Set the schedule

It doesn’t matter if you are working from home, for a few days, a week or all the time, you’ll have to plan your schedule. Set your start time, mid breaks and at what time you have to finish with it. This will help you to be on track with your work.

5. Get ready

Many people usually think that working from home might be sitting around in pyjamas watching television side by side. This is not good. Just like you do in the office, you need to set yourself up and dress up accordingly for success when you are working from home. Start your day by dressing like you would if you had to go to the office. Set a morning custom of getting ready making your breakfast and tea and start with everything else you need to get in the right mindset. You might also need to note down your list of work for the day. By doing this you will be increasing your chances of being creative when you set a purpose.

6. Turn on the lights

Natural light is the best food for the eyes, but this also produces glare on the computer screen. If windows help you work and they don’t distract the view then it is good. If it is not, pull the curtains and switch on the light switch. Table lamps and floor lamps help you to provide better light for work if your space has insufficient overhead lighting.

7. Put yourself in the right position

Some people might find it suitable to work in bed or on the sofa. In both cases, if you’re not sitting, make sure that you have a small table near you. In today’s situation might not have a bundle of papers to work upon in front of you, but you can use this space to keep a glass of water and your phone. Coffee tables can help you any time when you need extra space. You can also make use of the c-table to keep your laptop up to eye level and help to reduce the strain on your neck. Along with finding a surface space, you also need to pay attention to keep your posture in check. Keep a few throw pillows that will help you to maintain proper body alignment.

8. Get out

To work from your sofa can be best most of the times, but still, you sometimes need to take a break. Try taking a 10-minute walk around the house or your balcony to freshen up and to cheer the flow of new ideas. Go to the library to work there for some hours as it suits your schedule. Or, if you are aware of others who also work from home, call them over for an informal co-working group. This will not only help you do better and stay refreshed at the same time.

9. Log off!

As people are working from home, the ability to work hours to bleed into personal hours becomes easier. So to create a healthy work-from-home environment you need to set some boundaries. Log off for the day—and not just from your laptop. This is a very stressful time, and you shouldn’t be working all the time. At the end of the day, signal your mind that it’s time to stop thinking about work. Allow yourself to have downtime. To maintain a work-life balance—we all need it.


Working from home is not an easy task though, but you can make it refreshing and exciting by adding the fun and soothing elements by yourself. But you need to be sure along with comfort the work needs to be productive.