Novel Corona Virus has suddenly made us all scattered through the cities and apartments. We are missing the feel of the crowd, the site of shops, marketplace and malls, movie theatres or office cubicles. We are not running helter-skelter to do our daily chores, and rushing to catch the bus or train to our workplace. Life has come to a halt and we have lost count of days, dates and such things. There are no week-ends as well as any weekdays, we have just become like the prehistoric men who lived in caves and went out only to hunt food.

Jokes apart, this isolation period is hitting us hard. We are unable to manage our daily lives without domestic help, as we are not used to with this new routine. In fact, the lack of routine is what pains us more. Life is slow and monotonous. We have plenty of time to spend with our friends but we cannot reach them in the body. Only the virtual mediums are there to get in touch with them. We cannot visit the malls or hit the newly opened pub but to stay home through Saturdays and Sundays.


How To Stay Sane During Quarantine

There are ways to keep your sanity at bay during the preventative quarantine.

Situation 1:

There are certain situations for isolation. It can be that you live on your own in some other city for the purpose of studying or job, but now you are living with your family due to this isolation phase. This can be full of joyful moments when you take a break on holidays and come to live with the people, but now you are compelled to live with them and that too for quite a few weeks. It is completely normal to lose the patience or feel that they are interfering into your personal space. It is not always easy to make them understand your point as they are doing their duty. Out of love and care, they try to take care of every aspect of your life, not being aware that it may disturb you at some point.


To sort this situation out, you need to keep a calm mind. You have to understand that they are behaving normally with you, but it is you who have changed over the years, and this is not the right time to fight with the family for trivial matters. You can manage the situation by listening to them sometimes and act according to your choice without bothering them. Check Things to do while under Quarantine.

Situation 2:

The situation can be its opposite. It may be so that you are isolated in a hotel room or hostel, and are craving to go back to your family. You are missing your family but there is no valid option to go back to them. You are now held up with all the household chores which you do not do usually, but the situation demands are different. It may sometime feel depressing as you will be missing your family badly and on the top of it, you have to manage the daily duties.


The solution of this situation is again, is on your hand, or rather on your mind. Make the pact with your inner self that you will be safe and healthy in this atrocious situation and it will be your sole responsibility. You need to take care of yourself and if you fall sick, it will only worry your family who will not be able to reach you so easily. Taking care of both health and mind will make you strong to go through this hard time successfully. Taking up hobbies like listening to music or watching movies, gardening, enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings will give you the strength to pass this phase. Check How to Deal with Loneliness During Self-Isolation.


All these indoor times are killing us in many ways. We must not lose the patience and remember that this isolation period will be over someday, and then we will be able to welcome the new era with absolute good health and free mind.