Hugh Jackman is well known for his Hollywood career. The man has got it all done through his personal trainer. The body of the actor was fully shredded and the type that the people long for.

While training for the Wolverine, the actor was on six meals a day and seven sometimes. Going through this article you will know about the typical food diet that the actor is following. Moreover, the trainer stresses the template of adapting to wide tastes.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout Routine and Diet Plan

He also mentions that there is no requirement of saying this should be eaten or that. This is because everyone has their own set of likes and dislikes and as long as the users stick to the basics they can customise their needs.

Hugh Jackman Diet Plan

One of the important rules that the actor follows is that he needs to get the protein from natural as well as unprocessed sources.

The actor ate six meals in the diet plan rather than eating three meals of large size and portion.

High protein

The need for a high level of protein is seen as very important after carrying out the hard work out. Ryan mentions that if a high amount of protein cannot be attained through the foods then the users need to follow the supplement diet. This is because if the heavy workout is done the body needs protein to replenish the energy. Moreover, the actor involved a huge amount of amino acids in the diet before the workout and after the workout, he would prefer cottage cheese.

Follow the following diet plan if you are willing to have a body like Hugh Jackman

5 am

The actor eats oats as well as berries before training. This is usually one hour before the workout regime. Soak the rolled oats about 75 grams in the apple juice. Mix pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some berries into eating to improve the taste.

These provide a lot of energy and the seeds are rich in iron. These also help in improving the blood flow.

6 am or 7 am:

The actor has protein supplements before he does the training session. The meal involves BCCA which are the branched-chain amino acids. These are transferred straight to the muscles and carry the process of super-compensation. This helps in repairing the muscles and helps them to get better and stronger as well.

7:30 am:

The actor prefers to have a recovery shake as well as a bar after doing the cardio session. This helps in repairing the muscle tissue and the bar helps in delivering the essential nutrients to the blood. With this, the recovery is done at a faster pace.

7: 45 am:

The actor makes his own meal. He adds a scoop of the protein powder and along with that semi-skimmed milk, half banana and some dry fruits. The whey protein helps to gain the required for the muscles and the growth. Protein also helps in increasing muscle mass and burn body fat.

10 am:

At 10 am the actor prefers to have broccoli with spinach and mushrooms. This is quite good for the morning protein boost.

Turkey is one of the lean sources of protein and it is also very suitable for muscle building.

Vitamin K that is found in spinach helps in strengthening the bones as well as the vegetables like broccoli is rich in nutrients that provide the hormone oestrogen to the body at an increased level.

Chicken is seen to be very rich in amino acids and therefore is very suitable for the muscle growth and repair of tissues. Serve chicken with brown rice and it will help in getting Vitamin B and will also convert the carbohydrate into energy.

4 pm:

This meal involves the walnut trail. The users need to preheat the oven and at a temperature of 180 degree Celsius. Along with this, they need to place 150 g of walnuts on a baking tray and bake for around 10 minutes.

Allow it some time to cool and then mix some chopped apricots and pumpkin seeds along with the goji berries.

6 pm:

The actor has tuna steak for dinner time. It is served with vegetables and broccoli. Tuna provides a large amount of protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

10 pm:

At this time the actor loves to have a protein smoothie. Add 2tsp of the natural yoghurt and some honey with almonds. The protein helps to give the muscles the growth they need.

Hugh Jackman Workout Routine Diet Plan

Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

Over the time period of training, the actor has performed a lot of exercises and it involves all that is the cardio and the push-ups. The primary aim was to do the weightlifting as well as the overload. The actor worked in intervals and increased the weight at a constant pace.

After the completion of the first block that is of 4 weeks, Jackman also added 5-10% of the working 1 rep to the next block of his workout regime. Moreover, if you want to follow the diet and the workout he does then it is required that you hit all the target steps. Also, it is important that you increase the reps by 5-10 %.

The breakdown of the four-week block that the actor follows involves the reps and fluctuations.

Some exercises that are followed in the workout sessions involve the barbell bench press, back squat, weighted pull-ups, and deadlifts.

Week 1:

  • Set 1 involves 5 reps and 60% of the W1RM
  • Set 2 involves 5 reps and 65% of the W1RM
  • Set 3 involves 5 reps and 75 % of the W1RM
  • Set 4 involves 5 reps and 75% of the W1RM

Week 2:

  • Set 1 involves 4 reps of the W1RM of 65%
  • Set 2 involves 4 reps and 75% of the workout regime
  • Set 3 involves 85% and 4 reps of the workout
  • Set 4 involves 85% and 4 reps of the workout

Week 3:

This week regime involves 3 reps.

  • Set 1: 70%
  • Set 2: 80%
  • Set 3: 90%
  • Set 4: 90%

Week 4:

This week regime involves 10 reps.

  • Set 1: 40%
  • Set 2: 50%
  • Set 3: 60%
  • Set 4: 90%


The actor follows an active routine and the wolverine diet that is very useful. Moreover, the four-week bock adds 5-10% of the working reps. Along with this, you need to grow the massive wolverines.