Lost and Vampire Diaries are two of the most famous TV series that have given the deserved fame to the star Ian Joseph Somerhalder. His first show was Young Americans but he was more noticed for the role of Boone Carlyle in Lost. His popularity was proved when he achieved the Teen Choice award for his performance in Vampire Diaries. Not only is he an actor, but at the same time, he plays the role of a producer, entrepreneur, and an advocate of the better education system.

There are much speculation regarding the work out regime and diet of Somerhalder. This 5’9’ guy has occupied the hearts of girls and boys at the same time, with his dashing look and smoldering smile. In fact, his devilishly attractive grin made him look so passionate that his fan following has reached the peak after the Vampire Diary is over.

ian-somerhalder Workout Plan Details

Ian Somerhalder Workout Routine and Diet Plan

This extraordinarily dashing man had given quite a few interviews in which he had disclosed his secrets of staying in such great shape. We are here discussing those hacks below.

Ian Somerhalder Workout Routine

Somerhalder believes in a radically challenging and consistent process of fitness, and he does not follow a particular schedule for exercising. He goes to the gym regularly and he believes sleeping properly is as important as exercising daily.

He believes in keeping the workout natural, even if partially. So he plays baseball and football which energizes his mind and keeps his body toned and seasoned. Among other sports, he loves horse riding.

There is one certain type of workout that he follows, it is called Prison Workout. It consists of burpee, pushups, pull-ups, squats, and death jumps. He also loves to do planks during the workout session. He is an early riser and wakes up before 6 in the morning. Since he has a baby and he loves to spend time with her, he finishes his working out before 8.30, when the baby usually wakes up.

That sounds like he is a prudent man with a strict schedule, but he follows it meticulously and the result is, what we see on screen. His gym regime consists of low-intensity fast cardio and stretching as well as multiple high-intensity workouts at the same time. His trainer sends him videos of workout and he practices them, as they stay far apart. When he is not doing those exercises he logs on to a website called Alo. Here he gets to train with his favorite trainer. He can practice these forms of workouts on his iPad.

ian-somerhalder-workout and diet plan

Ian Somerhalder Diet Plan

If there is any strict rule that Somerhalder follows for his diet that is, not touching alcohol and junk food. His other good habits consist of having green tea while doing his workouts, as that increases his stamina.

Being an actor who needs to change his body shape and for that, he follows various kinds of diets. He changes his diet based on his workout and the need for body shape.

There are various different eating habits he had tried like intermittent fasting, cyclical ketosis, or protein counting. Sometimes more than one type of dieting is combined to achieve a body goal. There are certain things unavoidable, like he always eats fresh fruits, and stays away from processed food as much as possible. Also, he snacks on fruits and nuts so he does not have to consume any fried food.

He takes pink salt with half a lemon in the morning with warm water. His caffeine dose comes with organic coffee mixed with coconut oil and Vitamix. He loves to have broths which he believes keeps his system balanced. He believes in having Vitamin C regularly, and that is why he takes the supplementary pills for this. He is not into pasta or spaghetti but when he has to, he takes them gluten-free. He drinks lots of water every day, as he believes in stabilizing the power and the nutrients in the food in the body. His daily intake of water is 3 liters or more.


Ian maintains a balanced life and also preaches the same to his fans. Other than eating healthy food and exercising regularly, he also believes in doing honest work and spending time with the family. As he is a person with multiple roles to play, he manages the time eloquently and tries to stay peaceful from inside.