Exercise rather physical activity helps in improving our health and also maintains a healthy life style. Moreover with the help of exercise people can lose weight and also lower the risk of occurrence of diseases which may include obesity, arthritis, and high blood pressure or even type-2 diabetes. Additionally, it helps in preventing aging, improves strength, and develops muscles along with cardiovascular system.

Some people practice several physical workouts for enjoyment and also to get an attractive physique.  Performing a physical exercise properly can result in immediate or a definite long-term health benefit. Following a regular workout regime can improve the quality of our life. Nowadays people choose to exercise either at home or hit the gym. A proper workout charted out with a good diet chart provides the desired results.

 Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline Dumbbell Flyes Exercise

In terms of exercise profile, the body parts which are primarily under concentration comes under primary muscle group and the parts which also gets affected when doing a workout for a primary muscle group comes under the category secondary muscle group.

Incline dumbbell fly is the type of upper body exercise which helps in targeting the pectoral muscles or chest in general. Front shoulders and triceps are the secondary muscle group that gets affected by performing this exercise. This exercise is performed on an incline bench because of which the emphasis is shifted towards the upper region of the chest. The upper region of the chest is called as pectorals clavicle head. The sternal head is also actively engaged during this incline dumbbell fly exercise. Further, pectorals major can also be isolated by internally rotating the shoulders henceforth providing a better alignment.

The procedure involved in performing the incline dumbbell fly exercise is divided into preparation phase and execution phase.

Preparation phase

  1. Gather a set of dumbbells of suitable weight
  2. Set the incline bench with an incline angle of 30 degrees. The inclination angle may range between 30 and 45 degrees based on the body structure.
  3. Now gently sit on the seat of the incline bench by adjusting the dumbbells to rest on your thighs.
  4. Slowly lie back on the bench and bring the dumbbells above your head.
  5. Rest the feet throughout the exercise, to the ground. Lower body parts are not disturbed in the Incline dumbbell fly workout.
  6. Throughout the workout keep your elbows flexible.

Execution phase

  1. Spread your arms above your body with a light bend at the elbows.
  2. Rotate the wrist which will make the palm of your hands to face up. This forms the starting position of this workout.
  3. While breathing in, slowly lower the arms towards the sides to represent an arc like motion until a stretch is felt in your chest. The elbows are kept locked throughout this process.
  4. On breathing out, bring the dumbbells back to the starting position by reversing the motion and also by turning the hands.
  5. Throughout the workout, the shoulder joints and the wrist are under motion whereas; the elbow joints are not moved.
  6. Perform the above set for specified number of repetitions. A repetition generally denotes one complete motion or movement in an exercise. Set often refers to two consequent repetitions with a small rest in between.

Points to remember

  • While rotating the wrist, the little fingers or the Pinky fingers should be next to each other.
  • Going very heavy with the incline dumbbell fly or rather any other type of fly exercise is quite dangerous
  • On completion of your specified number of repetitions bring the knees up and slowly lower your dumbbells down towards the knees. This will help you to sit on the incline bench.
  • Inclination angle is set between 30 to a maximum of 45 degrees. If the Inclination angle is greater than 45 degrees, the workout will target the front deltoids instead of your upper chest. This brings no meaning to the incline dumbbell fly workout.
  • As a variation to the above workout you can also do regular flyes and twisted flyes. Here your starting position will begin with the thumbs facing each other instead of your little fingers.

Benefits of the incline dumbbell fly workout

1. Helps to strengthen the muscles

Performing the incline dumbbell fly workout helps in building great chest. Secondly they help and toning the arms. Incline dumbbell fly helps to strengthen several muscles like biceps, triceps, wrists and brachial muscles.

2. Alternative to pushups

 As per American councils research on exercise, the incline dumbbell fly workout when performed on an incline bench helps in producing abundant muscle activity compared to standard pushups exercise or ball pushups exercise. When the exercise is done over an incline bench, the clavicle head of the pectorals becomes the target muscle.

3. Improves your health

Practicing exercises like the incline dumbbell fly helps in improving the overall health of our body. Stamina and posture are greatly improved by performing this strength training exercises. A good physique can be obtained by regularly performing this workout. More than just strengthening the muscles these type of workout helps in obtaining healthy bones and joints. Additionally, they help in building high metabolism by resulting in higher fat loss. Further, they help in preventing health issues like arthritis and targets in performing everyday activities easily.

4. Scope of variation

The incline dumbbell fly workout can be further extended by adding some more variety. Increase in the versatility and innovation in these kinds of exercises helps in increasing the confidence of the fitness seekers. As a variation, you can even try the incline fly by using a twin cable station with the bench kept in between them. The amount of resistance provided by the twin cable can help in increasing the intensity of this workout and even your chest is given a high demand to work out throughout the range of motion.

5. Work at home

You do not need to hit the gym just to perform this type of work out as it involves very minimal property. This workout can also be done at home if an incline bench and a set of dumbbell are available.


Exercise is a way to keep our body fit and healthy. By following different types of exercise like aerobics, flexibility, balance and strength exercises, our life style can be well improved. Hope the above steps explain the procedure to do the incline dumbbell fly workout effectively.