Jane Fonda is widely known for her various potentials. She is a great dancer, a fabulous model and a genius actress.  The secret of her beating the age is now phenomenal and her fitness videos are being watched over and over by her fans to grab the secret. There are 22 titles of the videos and more than 167 million copies have been sold till date. Fitness is the mantra of her daily life and she celebrates it through diet, workout and in every aspect of day to day life.

Her age defying process:

At 82, Jane is a superb speaker and activists as well as actress. She has followed some basic rules to live simply and organically which in turn has saved her from the regular ageing process which hits the regular people as early as 40. She preferred aerobics and though she is not into the high-intensity aerobics or leg warmers, her workout session is regular.


Jane Fonda Workout Routine and Diet Plan

She had confessed that she fought with demons like poor body image and bulimia. From her teens to 40s she had coped up with these issues, but now she is quite content in her life with look and health.

Jane Fonda Workout Routine

  • Fonda believes in moving her body along with the brain while she does her cardio. This, she believes is good for all ages and anyone can do that. She also believes that doing some regular chores like taking stairs instead of elevators and strolling for half an hour after dinner are some good habits.
  • She has beaten her age and age-related issues successfully. She has osteoarthritis, and her knee is replaced. But the consistent practice of yoga and resistance training has kept her going strong.
  • She loves Zumba and does zazen meditation so keeping it slow and not living a high paced life has added years to her. But exercising regularly is a must, as she says, low impact exercises also help you to keep fit, in a however small way.
  • Doing yoga has been really helpful for her. She believes yoga is a multi-processed time of exercise and it also keeps the inner strength intact. There are various types of yoga which will be suited to any and everyone.
  • Staying outdoor for exercise is a fond part for her. She likes to cycle, walk and does the elliptical which are always done outdoor. She believes what you can do, should do to motivate yourself and lose calories.
  • She says it is always important to do both cardio and resistance exercise. Aerobic lets you lose fat from all parts of the body. Even the marbled fat within muscles can get rid of through aerobic.
Jane Fonda Workout

Jane Fonda Diet Plan

  • She has been a light eater throughout her life. She loves her breakfast to be the main source of energy. She eats one-third of the daily intake of calories through her breakfast. The lunch is another one third and the dinner is equal or less than that amount. She often skips dinner altogether.
  • Skipping the dinner is a part of intermittent fasting which is in fashion now.  The name is not given by Fonda, but late lunch and skipping the dinner leads to 14 hours fasting a day which is an effective process for fat loss.
  • The breakfast is usually eggs which is a great source of natural protein. She refuses to have refined sugar and prefers to stick by the natural form of sugar available in fruits. Salt intake is also measured. One should watch the intake of salt to prevent the risk of high blood pressure which leads to heart attack and stroke.
  • Having fruit is a must for her, and she prefers colourful fruits and vegetables. Getting the best quality fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. She avoids food with long shelf-life so the intake of preservative is minimal. Variety of colourful fruits and vegetables like red, purple, yellow and the regular green, orange or white are a part of Fonda’s daily diet.
  • She thinks keeping a food diary is necessary as she believes that way one could measure what is he or she eating and how much calorie is being taken. Chewing food properly and slowly is a must, as that prevents mindless eating.


Fonda says one should set the goal of fitness and health as per one’s own body. The routine should be flexible and should make the body strong and well proportioned. Other than following a hardcore schedule for exercising, one should keep stretching to stay out of the risk of cramping the limbs and muscles. Exercise is a way to stay strong both mentally and physically.