Jason Statham is one of the fittest guys and he is one of the toughest people seen in the films. Jason Statham was born on 26th July 1967 and has a ripped physique and he is a very famous Hollywood star. He played roles in many movies like Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Italian Job, Snatch Crank, The Transporter Trilogy and the death race.

In earlier days Jason Statham was very active and he played many characters in the films at the same time he practised weight reduction but during the time of the release of Crank 2, he adopted some of the training programs to work out for 6 days in each week and incredibly Jason Statham lost 20 lbs of weight just in 6 weeks it all happened because of his immense workout.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jason Statham started his training programmed from the year 2008 when he was at the time of death race film. A 49-year-old man who has continuously worked for about 6 days in a week and you to his continuous workout plan after this procedure he totally changed himself and trained himself to become a packed man.

He started doing very high-intensity exercises which made his heart rate up and burnt all his calories and his muscles also have become grown-up. He is an extraordinary man and he designed his body in an alternative dynamic and a very different static approach. He does all different exercises and very explosive movements to completely change his muscles and six-packs.

Jason Statham Workout Routine

Jason Statham workout

Day 1 – Pyramid circuit training

  • In this, he practices 7 repetitions for each and every exercise and these exercises which includes for arms legs back and abs. For the session, he does warm-up exercise for about 10 minutes and then slowly he speeds up for about 20 strokes for a minute.
  • Ring pull-ups
  • Squats with bodyweight
  • Push-ups
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • And later after completing all these he cools down for about 10 minutes and works on with gymnastic trampoline.

Day 2 – Static hold circuit and big Five 55 training

  • Here he practices four sets of exercises for which he takes for about 30 seconds and 10 seconds and in between he takes rest.
  • He practices warm-up exercise for 10 minutes as a rowing machine for a speed of about 20 strokes per minute
  • Dumbbell chest flies
  • L cit hold on dip bars
  • Bodyweight squat hold
  • Flat bench chest press
  • Triceps press down with a dumbbell
  • Military press shoulder exercise
  • Farmers hold with cattle bill
  • And later he cools down for about 10 minutes on a gymnastic trampoline

Here Big Five 55 training program is one of the type of exercise which will be done for about 10 minutes without any rest and you have to start for about 10 repetitions and gradually you have to decrease by one each set that is you have to decrease every exercise towards down words.

  • Knee two elbows
  • Pull-ups
  • Power cleans with a barbell
  • Decline push-ups
  • Front squats with weight

Day 3Interval training program which includes rowing and boxing

For the rowing program

  • Warm-up exercise are done for about 2,000 m and it just can’t news for about 15 to 20 strokes.
  • Cure 6 intervals are alternatively redone while doing this program in between every 500 meters 3 minutes rests will be taken.


  • For boxing program warming up is done for lungs and legs
  • here 3-minute session will be done at a speed bag
  • 2 minute round will be handled against a heavy bag
  • Kettlebells farmers hold
  • The 3-minute interval will be done for punching and kicking.

Day 4 – Lower body workouts and push-ups

  • Here this continuous warm-up exercise of rowing 2000m.
  • Reverse abs crunches
  • Front squats will be handled with 175 lb weight and this continues for 5 sets and 5 repetitions.
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • Squats with bodyweight only
  • After then he cools down for about 200 pushups and here he continues for about a 15 to 20 repetitions.

Day 5 – Cumulative workout routine

  • For this workout, he warms up as bear crawls for 20 yards and crab walks under rope climbs for 20 yards.
  • The rope pulls for 20 repetitions
  • Dips for 15 repetitions
  • Medicine ball slams for 20 repetitions
  • Flat bench press for 15 petitions
  • Front squats for 5 repetitions
  • The rope pulls for 5 repetitions
  • Pull-ups for 15 quotations
Jason Statham abs

Day 6 – Contextual workout

  • Here the training will be just a trail running for more than an hour.

Day 7

  • Rest day

Jason Statham Diet Plan

Jason Statham has a lean muscle and he has lost his fat completely but still, he eats only healthy foods includes chicken, nuts, beans and fish. He completely takes only protein-rich food and carbohydrate-free foods; he occasionally takes chocolates which are his favourite. Mostly during the daytime, Jason Statham eats sugary and starchy foods that are as per his decision starch-rich foods will burn the extra calories during the daytime and during the night time he uses to take a simple meal.

  • Breakfast: Completely fresh fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, blueberry, and Apple oats poached eggs during winter places porridge.
  • Lunch: A mixture of brown rice with steamed vegetables and a soup
  • Dinner: He sharply takes his dinner at 7:00 p.m. chicken, vegetable salad, lean beef and a fish.
  • Sometimes used to make peanut butter and high rich protein snacks and nuts in between the meals.
  • And daily used to take 3 litres of water compulsorily.

Body measurement of Jason Statham

Jason Statham is a popular person in boxing he maintains his body fit and healthy all time. His height meter and his weight are 185 lbs and his chest size is 48, biceps is 18 and waist size is 34.