Jay Christopher Cutler is a former and well-known American football quarterback born on 29th April 1983. He had played 12 seasons of National Football League (NFL) and primarily stand with the Chicago Bears football team. Jay also played college football for the Vanderbilt team and drafted with regards to Denver Broncos during the 2006 NFL Draft’s first round and played for 3 consecutive seasons.

Later, he moved on to join the Chicago Bears football team and played for them for eight years. In 2017, he had released from the Chicago team and joined Fox’s television to broadcast the NFL match as a sportscaster. But, he again joined the Miami Dolphins team in 2017 while the quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who suffered from a season-ending injury.

Jay Cutler’s Workout Routine, and Bodybuilding Tips

Jay Cutler’s Workout Routine

As we say, “Rome was not built in a day”, the same way Jay’s ripped body was also not built within a day. He always starts his training session with greater attitude, consistency, and intensity. He never looks to drop his weight since the entire muscles were evenly taken cared and exercised.

Jay never created any restriction or any strict rule with regards to a number of sets or reps. He particularly concentrates on his muscle groups that are not full or dense. His training sessions will make his back and legs with a really hard level and arms are with little light level.

Diet Plan

As a competitive bodybuilder, Jay Cutler will eat a large number of healthy foods to gain adequate calories. He back-up several meals for the entire day with his workout schedules and regular hard training sessions. On a consistent basis, he intakes the daily food with a maximum of 4,700 calories. His regular diet includes 40 percent of protein, 40 percent of carbohydrates and 20 percent of fat.

The following principles are based on Jay Cutler’s diet:

Right macronutrient ratio – The macronutrients should be maintained with the right balance to build or grow the muscles. Do not try the simple trick by taking carb-rich or protein-rich diet.

Schedule your meals timing – You need ample calories to build serious muscle. An athlete or professional bodybuilder has to dedicate at least 7 to 8 hours per day for preparation and taking meals.

Your diet should include supplements – You can achieve your fitness goals very fast by having BCAAs, fat burners, multivitamins, and protein powders.

Nutrition is crucial – You must take the right quality of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins even if you are hard trained in the gym.

Jay Cutler Diet Chart:

Please find below the diet chart which was followed by Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder:

Meal 1 – 1 testosterone capsule, 2 packs of oatmeal, Ezekiel bread 2 slices, egg whites 2 cups, Whey protein powder 1 scoop, and 2 whole eggs.

Meal 2 – Brown rice 2 cups, and Chicken 12 ounces.

Pre-workout – Amino acid powder 1 scoop and Muscle building pre-training powder 1 scoop.

  • Intra-workout – Muscle enhancing powder 1 scoop.
  • Post-workout – Muscle building post-workout powder 1 scoop, BCAA workout recovery powder 2 scoops.

Meal 3 – Gatorade 60 ounces, Whey protein powder 3 scoops.

Meal 4 – Sweet potato 12 ounces, Chicken 14 ounces.

Meal 5 – Brown rice 2 cups, Chicken 12 ounces.

Meal 6 – Broccoli 2 cups, Beef filet 6 ounces.

Jay Cutler’s Diet Chart

Bodybuilding Tips

Please find below the list of bodybuilding tips suggested by Jay Christopher Cutler

Create a goal and decide a plan – You can easily judge whether you’re training session is satisfied after a few months. If not, you need to create a plan and work on it to achieve the goal. You need to recalculate many times and should be more realistic.

Focus on numerous training sessions – It is much easier to build the big muscles if you work hard with heavier weights and have numerous training sessions. Jay informed that most of the bodybuilder is scared about the overtraining with the increased workout. Jay himself identifies as a volume coach.

Fast Moving – Fast movements are much better when compared to the slow movements. Your targeted muscles will be allowed to recover if you have a much gap between the sets. Please maintain a longer break between exercises and a shorter break between sets. Jay informed that he will take only 40 seconds break even with the higher loads.

Organic Foods – It is advisable that you can purchase the vegetables, beef, or cheese from the available organic local peasant. You must know about the ingredients and as well as the better nutrient ratio.

Recuperation is important – You should have a body massage for refreshment once in a week. You will experience two problems while pushing over your muscles: a growth plateau can be reached and muscle will be hurt. Jay advises the bodybuilder to have a longer deep-tissue message at least once in a week to gain muscle growth and boosted flexibility.

Show importance to Small muscle groups – Jay has his training routine by keeping the parts of abdominals and forearms. During the offseason, the calves were trained on a regular basis. To maximize the best result, you can give equal importance to the Small muscle groups.

Work your warm-ups – Jay says the feel sets may be called as lighter. He does not prefer for weight, trying to push the muscles with hard determination, certain techniques, and feel the weight on the present day.

Learn from your rivals – After Coleman’s defeat in 2003, Jay started to implement the free-weight basics into the training session for better achievement. He also hired Phil Heath’s as a nutritionist and as well as trainer. You need to pick the best one and the worst case scenario is succinct & jealousy.

Hit the angles – While training yourself, it is really very difficult to work on the angles. As of now, you can watch yourself through the mirror and pay more attention to exercise, high weights, foot placement, etc. Jay advises that you need to build the part depending upon the usage of various angles.

Important Facts

Jay Cutler started his career to work in his own family’s concrete business which is based on construction. The company name is Cutler Bros Concrete for 11 years old. At age 18, he started training as a senior level at the Wachusett Regional High School. He was a degree graduate in Criminal Justice and joined in maximum prison security as a Corrections Officer. After the meeting with his personal trainer Marcos Rodriguez, he inspired a lot and preferred to enter into bodybuilding section.

Jay Cutler excelled his career in bodybuilding and achieved the first overall win at the Iron Bodies Invitational in 1993. He achieved a second place at the Bodybuilding Championships which was held in 1992 Gold’s Gym Worcester. Jay also achieved the Arnold Classic Titles for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004. Also, achieved second place in the Mr. Olympia Championship four times and finally, in 2006 he achieved the Winner Title.


Please be informed that all the messages that are shared by Jay Cutler are about your endless will power, knowledge, and persistence. You just need to be simple, dedicated, and a perfectionist. Don’t forget and focus more on work on tiny things and smaller muscle groups.

Even king-size delts can easily lose the championship because of their disproportional forearms and calves. You need to be more realistic and your body machine has to work functionally like other parts.