Jennifer Aniston found fame in times of the marvellous time changing TV programme “Friends”. The programme has recently completed 25 years, and still, Aniston looks as beautiful and glamorous as she was. In fact, she is in her fifties now and she looks more toned and gorgeous with glowing skin.

In 2011 she was awarded the title of “Sexiest Woman of All Time” by Men’s Health Magazine. Fitness Magazine has bestowed the title of “Most Wanted Body” upon her. Her naturally toned body has never lost its attraction and she follows a normal diet and workout regime to stay in shape.


She knows the secret to stay unaffected by the ageing process. Her energy to workout in a hard manner and keeping her wellness rituals intact makes her icon till date. Her priorities are always well defined. She needs “me-time”, healthy food, proper hydration and wellness rituals to stay healthy and fit.

Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine and Diet Plan

When the world is curious to know the way she is maintaining herself so well. The ageless beauty has been portraying fit body as well as spotless skin, glossy hair and sexy abs for decades.

Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine

  • She works out five times a week, which means she works out almost every day. She confesses that, if one needs a great body then one must find time to sweat out.
  • She prefers to do 40 minutes of cardio, which comprises of spinning, running and elliptical.
  • She does Pilates once a week.
  • She practices yoga thrice a week.
  • While she is travelling or staying in a hotel, she tries to pull weights.  These are good for the arms and you can do it while you are watching television or talking over the phone.
  • Her trainer makes her workout at Rise Nation, which is a 30-minute workout for full body.
  • Carrying heavy ropes are great for her arms. Also, she pulls the medicine ball which makes her upper body fit.
  • A martial art programme she has taken up is Budokon. This is a yoga programme mixed with martial arts. This is a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise pattern which is a combination of low impact technique and strength work.  The result is lean muscle and toned look.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan:

Jennifer Aniston now follows Zone diet, which comprises of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat. This 40:30:30 ration diet is developed by   Barry Sears. You can have fruits and vegetables as the source of curbs. Chicken, turkey, fish, beef and tofu can source the protein and olive oil, fish oil and avocado can be the source of healthy fat.

There are a few things Jennifer maintains about her diet. She believes starvation does never help. Balance is the basis of good health. A heavy lunch can be compensated by a light supper, and so on.

  • Vegetables can be a great day starter. Leafy vegetables can make one meal and it will help one to stay full ad feel content through the day. Little protein or grains can make 30% of the dish while leafy veggies should be taking 70% of the plate.
  • Veggies can also replace the burgers. Herbs can provide a great flavour to any bland dish.
  • Now we will go through the regular eating habit of Jennifer:
  • For breakfast she has whole wheat bread toast with apple butter. Cheese and cereal bars are also a part of the meal. For drink she has ginger peach shake with coconut water.
  • Lunch combines salad with cheese, lentil and cucumber and tomato. On days she also has salad with white beans, parsley and tomatoes. Chives and green onions are spread in the dish. Celery soup accompanies the lunch.
  • The evening meal consists of white fish cooked with nuts and green steamed beans. Marinated salmon with asparagus, shallots and mushrooms are also part of dinner. On some days she has chicken burrito but it does not contain any cream or cheese.
  • For the pre-workout snack, she loves to have peanut butter and banana. These foods offer ample amount of energy which helps to complete the workout session.
  • Staying hydrated is a thumb rule for Jennifer. She claims that waiting to be thirsty before drinking water is not the way to drink water. In fact we should drink enough water not to feel thirsty anytime. Also it is necessary to stay hydrated before exercise and it does not mean to drink a bottle full of water just before the workout. It makes one sluggish and heavy during the workout session.


She is endorsing global brand like Aveeno and always proclaims that having “me time” is a part and parcel of staying fit and healthy. Being conscious of self-care was never a fashionable cool thing for her, but it was a bare necessity. Nowadays she meditates in her personal time, and it energizes her to face the rest of the day. She also loves her infrared sauna which helps her to detox her skin and rejuvenating her cells. Her Sundays are devoted to Spa which is the cause of her twinkling, supple skin.