We have first noticed John Krasinski in the comedy show The Office. This famous comedy show brought John before us as Jim Halpert. The role has earned him enough fame and we started referring him as the cute chubby guy. But things changed after he got awarded with the role in the famous movie 13 Hours. Things hugely changed for him and also people started to look at him from a different angle. In this movie, he was to play the role of a navy seal and it took him a few months to get ripped off all his body fat and get a lean body with 25 pounds of rich lean muscle.


John Krasinski was a simple person who was not much bothered about eating healthy or getting into a diet. He got completely transformed as and when his new schedule started. As he has got only a few months to get ready for his new role, he had to work out to get the maximum result.

To his amazement, John quite liked this hard and beastly schedule. As per him, he quite liked this new experience when he was getting stronger every day. He felt that he got not only stronger but also wiser, as now he knew what he should eat and whatnot. Before this, he was never concerned about nutrition. He is confident to take care of his health and physique.

John Krasinski Workout Routine and Diet Plan

John Krasinski hired John Walsh as his trainer and he chalked out the most gruesome and brutal training schedule for him. It was supposed to bring maximum result within the shortest time span. John followed that routine for four months consecutively without any break and started shooting directly for the film afterwards.

John Krasinski Workout Routine:

His workout was based upon the building of different body parts. His bodybuilding workout routine looked like this:


John Krasinski Diet Plan

Of course, there were certain changes in his diet plan too. He was always a foodie and never thought that he has to undergo any diet plan. His all-time motto regarding food was whatever tastes good is good.  However, for his role in the movie 13 hours he had to take diet seriously. If he would not have followed a strict diet, the stern workout regime would not have given him the expected result. His dietician worked on that and took out all the unhealthy ingredients from his diet chart. What he needed was a healthy, fibrous and nutritious diet which will be balanced.

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John’s thought about the diet was simple, the food will turn into muscle, and that is that he never went into science.

Here is the description of his diet plan:

A few fun facts about John Krasinski:


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