The star from the popular series “The Big Bang Theory”, “8 Simple Rules” Kaley Cuoco is a great head turner with her look and body. She has achieved the perfect body with the regular maintenance and some rigorous physical workout, which is a mystery to all her fans and followers.

Like most of the people who do physical training, she is a frequent gymgoer and she works out for 5 days a week. She is an avid devotee of hot yoga. Apart from that, she loves spinning, and recently she started working with a personal trainer.

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Regarding her diet, she claimed to have said that she does not eat meat, but loves fish. She fills her kitchen and pantry with healthy items so no crap can get into her system.

In recent years, there are numerous theories and stories circulated by celebrities regarding how to stay in shape, and we always give extra attention to the celebs to know the secret behind their great shape and body. Kaley Cuoco is famous for her realistic approach towards physical training. She has always been grounded and shared her working out picture through Instagram wearing a sling in October 2018 when she had undergone major shoulder surgery and yet was following the gym schedule meticulously.

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Kaley tried lots of exercises before she fell for hot yoga:

She focuses on working out her abs and arms:

Kaley Cuoco workout

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

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Kaley Cuoco Diet Plan

Her diet plant does not consist of meat:

Like all of us, she also has her cheat day. As she speaks about her indulgence and cravings, she mentions that on Sunday she loves to lay in the pool, have pizza, fries and grilled cheese. It gives the mental strength to wake up on Monday and do the usual set of exercises. It is also good to take a mental break as that turns into sustainability. A full day break from tracking, dieting and restrictions give one the boost to maintain the schedule with more effort and dedication.

Cuoco has stated that she needs to work hard to stay in shape. She says in one of her interviews, that at a young age it is easier. One stays in shape even after binge eating or being lazy, but with time it has to be changed.

Working out is part of the day and one needs to understand the limit and requirement of one’s body to do the right amount of exercise and follow the particular diet.


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