Katharine Hope McPhee Foster born March 25, 1984, is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She gained immense popularity after an appearance in the reality singing competition American Idol in 2006. Prior to a singing career, the versatile singer has also played in a number of movies and television series.

Katharine Mc Phees has a toned and trimmed body that makes her a cover for the Health magazine of the December issue. She inspires all of us to get a New Year’s resolution for ourselves and has a lot of tips and tricks for transforming her body into a god shape. She shares her breakfast routine and the workout she follows to get a toned body.

Katharine McPhee Workout Routine

Katharine McPhee Workout Routine and Diet Plan

She faced a lot of body image issues and an eating disorder as well. After which she decided to focus on her body and self-love too. She has a balanced diet routine and follows a workout that keeps her stress-free.

Katharine McPhee Workout Routine

Kat has earned name and fame because of her figure and thus she wants to maintain it at any cost. She spends a lot of time in the gym and practices the gruelling sessions. She has kept a personal trainer to train her and guide her. She can manage her five-day workouts easily and somehow manages to do these three times a week.

She does not stick to one specific workout and practices a lot of things like running, jumping, jacks, push-ups, crunches, interval resistance, and a lot more. She likes her trainer a lot because she introduces her to new workouts and makes the fitness regime interesting for her.

She also tries to hit the gym two times a week. She is a fitness freak and also knows a lot of yoga postures. She not only knows them but she also uses them to lose several pounds of her body.

She is fond of dancing and she has a love for fitness. She dances like insane. She dances until she gets tired and her thighs give up completely. She wants to look outstanding and this urge makes her look stunning and a star. She practices a lot of enthusiastic exercises and the things that are required to keep her in shape are followed.

Katharine McPhee Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Katharine McPhee Diet Plan


She begins her day with nurturing and wholesome toasts of Avocado. She also adds a little bit of truffle oil and Adds salt as well pepper on it to provide a delicious wheat toast taste.  If you top your toast with creamy fruits then it provides a delicious taste.

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She reveals that adding Kale to her diet makes her very happy. She also adds spicy broccoli, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, cheese, carrot, feta, and a lot more things in it. This makes it very tasty; moreover, she likes to add something crunchy to her food like the nuts and the almonds. Kat prefers to have a hearty meal that has rich fiber and good fat, with proteins too.


If you keep count of the calories then most of the people stay fit and also helps in achieving weight loss. But the singer mentions that after she faced the eating disorder she did not weigh herself, and measuring the calories. This is because, if she finds her calories fluctuating then she cannot have anything, and thus, she says that it is not good for her and others too, to measure the calories and the weight often.

Slow cooking

The singer Kat prefers to keep her vegetables in a slow cooker, put broccoli, peppers, garlic, onion, black beans, and pinto beans as well. She compares her food to baby food, this is because she keeps her food to cook slowly and drinks a lot of soup.

The soup she makes involves roasting for a long time, doing vegetable broth, and purees it. The soup is so filling and heavy but a little mushy.   She adds cheese on top of her soup so that it tastes better and appears delicious.

Rich in fiber snack

When the singer feels hungry she does not prefer to take full meals instead she wants some wholesome snack at that point in time. She could probably eat an apple at that point in time. It is not her favorite snack but it is quite useful. Moreover, if not apple she goes for smoothing more sustained for eg, a handful of cashews. 


She is persistent and can even dance for up to five hours. She follows a healthy routine and diet that keeps her body in the right shape.


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