Kayla Istines (born 21 May 1991) is an Australian personal trainer, entrepreneurs and author who is not just well known for her profession but also for her body looks. Recently she shared an amazing body transformation video on Instagram. She is considered the fitness queen and is the creator of a series of eBooks, Bikini Body Guides well known as BBG and do have a workout app named Sweat with Kayla.

With Kayla Itsines workout routine and BBG workout program, she helps women around the world to achieve an ultra-slim body along with a high level of fitness and strength.

Kayla Itsines workout

Kayla Itsines Workout Routine

She follows the 28-minute high-intensity BBG Program three times a week. This includes workouts built from a set of 150 moves being inspired by sports and physical training, focusing on toning abdomens, inner thighs and arms which helps in developing powerful legs and core strength.

At the same time, she tries to complement the vigorous workouts with two half an hour sessions of brisk walking. She also performs some mobility exercises which include shoulder sweeps, crab walk, crab reach, sin box, lunge with overhead reach and wall squats. These are exercises for warm-up before starting her training sessions. Every 28-minute training sessions is broken up into 4 circuits.

The BBG Workout

The BBG work out is one of the famous work out to have a great figure. This is the bikini body guide which is quite famous for building a great body structure as like Kayla Itsines. This follows on with;-

Area it targets

The core is a perfect which would take on with sitting up, bicycles, planks and other abdominal exercises.

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The glutes will also get a workout during the legs routine. The back exercises are not direct as every exercise doesn’t focus on the back.

Kayla Itsines Workout

Exercise as per requirement

There are exercises based on requirements as per Kayla Itsines workout routine. These are like flexibility which is a significant source to every workout. This ends up with a series of stretches. As per her suggestion, it must be done at least one rehabilitation session each week. This is a total stretching routine with a foam roller.

When it comes to the strength she says resistance workouts are necessary which combines bodyweight, strength training and plyometrics or jump training. You need to do two times 7-minute circuits of four exercises each and then repeat both circuits, three to four times a week and say complete no to any kind of sports.

Kayla Itsines Diet Plan

It’s not just Kayla Itsines workout routine every time but her diet plan as well is an important part of her health. She is a big fan of the Mediterranean diet. She revealed that a balanced, Mediterranean diet plan works for her body and is also a part of her Greek heritage. At her first trimester of pregnancy, she made some adjustments to her normal nutrition plan and ages a good amount of dry foods than the normal diet.

After 23 weeks she switched back to her regular eating plan which includes a good amount of fresh veggies, fruits, grilled meat, rice and olive oil. Her diet chat includes:-

In lunch, she prefers whole wheat wrap, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and tzatziki dressing, homemade chicken gyros. After the meal, she loves to have fresh seasonal fruits and in dinner, she likes grilled lamb or chicken, grilled vegetables with olive oil and brown rice. For filling up her sweet tooth she likes Greek yoghurt and honey.


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