The challenge is to know about how one can successfully progress on the keto diet. If one does not follow the keto diet carefully then he/she may be risking the keto flu.

The keto flu is like an assortment of symptoms that are caused because the body is unable to adjust to ketogenic diet. Some of the symptoms or the side may include nausea, fatigue and constipation.

The carb cycling is also very important and along with that after the age of 40 the body needs to complete everything viably. Therefore, this 28 day routine is of huge importance and we even see that it accompanies a lot of guides with it. After you are well aware of the diet then you can successfully put the plan in action and do whatever is required for it.

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge

The guide will bring forward a list of food, shopping, recipes and a lot more. There are a lot of keto cookbooks that can help you ensure the assortments for now and even later.

Let us have a look at the guide to it:

The basic of keto diet:

  • Introduction to the keto diet
  • Basics
  • Realistic ways
  • How to begin
  • Shopping for food
  • List of shopping
  • Keto food diet
  • Various supplies
  • Tips to enjoy the diet
  • Food to eat
  • Food to avoid

Look at macronutrients:

  • What are macronutrients?
  • How to calculate the macros?
  • Net carbs as compared to the total carbs
  • How much is required to be cut out?
  • Importance of Omega 3
  • Proteins
  • The fibers required for your 40s
  • Carbs

Ketosis, managing the keto flu, intermittent fasting and a lot more on keto.

What is there in 28- Day challenge?


There is a fantastic list of recipes that you can get with this. There are fourteen dinners in the product along with ten breakfasts and fourteen lunch recipes.

Some tips:

There are numerous tips that you can use to conquer the cravings. Along with this you even get some tips which will help you in making use of your diet the best way you can.

Some snacks:

There is a wide range of snack options that you can use and you get with the product. You can choose the snack that you wish to eat. There is a food list that contains a lot of good quality food.

Meal planner:

There is a meal plan calendar with the product. This gives you a good idea of a meal. Also with this, you can learn how to eat for a span of 28 days.

Solutions for side effects:

The product also has a solution for the side effects that might occur. Those who go through the keto diet need this. These side effects are no major so you dot need to worry about it.

Bonus of this challenge:

This challenge comes with three bonuses, which include keto slow cooker, fat bombs, and party snacks.

Keto slow cooker:

This involves 28 slow cooker recipes that you can surely consider for your keto meal. These will include beef cheeks, Brisket chi, and a lot of more items. This comes with a lot of delicious stuff.

Party snacks:

There are 28 party snacks with this product that the user can enjoy. These are tasty and everyone would enjoy eating them. This will not be affecting your keto plan.

Keto fat bombs:

This is made for those people especially those who like sugar a lot and cannot avoid it. It has 41 recipes like the pumpkin spice, cinnamon roll, strawberries and cream, and a lot more.

Benefits of the 28 day keto challenge

Sugar level:

If the sugar levels are unbalanced they can lead to diabetes. But due to a keto diet, these are controlled and it helps in preventing the harmful diseases.

Balances hormones:

If the hormones are unbalanced then it can disturb the life cycle. The product helps the women to adjust their hormones and lead a healthy life.

Weight loss:

If you are 40 or 60 you will love to lose weight if it is done easily without following a workout plan.


The 28-day challenge helps to change a lot for good and has a number of benefits. The guide will help you know everything regarding it that you can try and implement.