Kevin Durant is one of the most popular American basketball players and he has achieved fame and popularity by means of his techniques and strength which we can see in his games.

This guy is 6 feet 9 inches tall and is naturally heavily built. He can easily take an upper hand due to his height but that is not his only weapon. His vigorous training sessions and strict diet regime make him one of the fittest players in this age.


As a basketball player, Kevin possesses formidable core strength and agility. His hold overbalance is something that gives him extra mileage. His workouts are designed in such a way that his mobility and core strength are developed as most of his workout consists of concentration on shooting drills.

Kevin Durant Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The legs are the source of energy for the players who are jumping, lunging or squatting. Kevin’s trainer Daub knows this and he incorporates some useful leg workouts into his ensemble of exercise. The famous medicine ball multiplanar lunge is done on a core board which is stabilized and is the size of a Bosu ball. But unlike the ball, it is completely flat and elevated. When Kevin holds the medicine ball in front of him, Kevin steps at a 45-degree angle onto the core board with his right leg. He lowers into a lunge position and his back knee almost touches the floor. Then he pushes his right heel off the core board and comes into starting position.

These postures help him to get strong legs and also exercise the leg muscles in a proper way. His leg strength builds up which in turn helps him do all the activities regarding sports. Glute muscles, hamstrings and quads are properly activated by these exercises.

Kevin Durant Workout Routine

Now we will elaborate his training schedule:

For mobility training:

He does thoracic spine extension in 2 sets with 30 reps. Then he does rotational med ball throws with 3 sets of 8 reps. Then he does split stance overhead core matrix into 2 sets of 8 to 10 reps for each variation, forward, rotational and lateral.

For strength training:

  • There are two sets of training which he does with 5 to 7 reps for each let. The schedule consists of three-way med ball single-leg Romanian deadlift on Airex pad and basic med ball single Romanian deadlift.  Later he does an inverted row on physioball with TRX straps and a basic inverted row of 3 to 4 sets with 8 to 10 reps.
  • The next set consists of the single-leg dumbbell to press, basic overhead press, walking dumbbell push up to row and basic dumbbell row from push up position, in 3 to 4 sets with 6 to 8 reps.
  • Next, he does med ball multi planner lunge on core board and basic med ball multi planner lunge in 3 to 4 sets with 10 to 12 reps.

Shooting drill regime:

  • Attack help defender
  • Freeze pull-ups
  • Hesitate on drive to attack
  • Pick and pop
  • Catch and shoot
  • Post up
  • Dribble drag to crossover
  • Early offense duck in
  • Counter
  • Cross screen to pick and roll

Kevin is not satisfied with these classic exercises only, he likes something more innovative and organic. He likes to step ahead and challenges his own ability. So he runs on the sand, which is called a running drill. As per Kevin himself, it is like suicide. It is really hard as the sandy surface is not smooth and it takes double the energy and skill to run on sand. He believes that the rough sand training boosts his energy and also increases his balancing ability which cannot be boosted in any other way. It is also helpful to build strength from the core and makes the body supple and lean. This exercise cannot be done in some other form or by the means of any other regime.

Kevin-Durant workout

Kevin Durant Diet Plan

Kevin always emphasises on the nutritional value of the food. He says protein forms a major part of his diet.

  • Before the game, he goes for fish and vegetables so the stamina level is up for the gruelling game session in the court.
  • After the match finishes, he eats a full meal of steak or chicken with an adequate amount of rice.
  • Having fruits is a must for him and he ensures that he is eating it in the right portion every day.  Fruits also hydrate the system and antioxidants slow the ageing process.
  • He likes having complex carbohydrate like oats.
  • He loves to have yoghurts of different flavours. This is naturally proactive and protects his system from the attack of bacteria.

His daily diet:

  • For breakfast, he takes 2 egg whites, one whole egg omelette that has spinach and tomato toppings. A bowl of fresh fruits and gluten-free toast follows afterwards.
  • For a late morning snack, he takes fruit and triple berry acai smoothie.
  • For lunch, his plate consists of grilled salmon with lemon and cucumber yoghurt dressing. Then brown rice pilaf and spinach sautéed with coconut water first come to the platter.
  • In dinner, he takes grilled chicken, roasted vegetables and fruit smoothie.

Tips from Kevin:

Like many fitness freaks, Kevin also thinks eating healthy food regularly nourishes the system and it makes the body healthy from inside. Having discipline in food habit and lifestyle makes anyone stay healthy. He sticks to the fact that one should never skip any meal as we always need energy and food can give us that in the right way. He likes to even add small healthy meals in between major meals.

In the form of fruits, salads, fresh fruit juice and smoothie these smaller meals can boost the energy level and also does not allow one to eat junk food or feel lethargic. He says taking good care of one’s body helps in the long run and it will help to gain the needed energy as well. So we should all follow this simple rule to be fit and healthy for the longest time.