The king of comedy, Kevin Hart is the most popular American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. He is famous for his fast-talking comedy shows. He is not only the finest and amusing actor of his time but also has a body as ripped and fit as his male colleagues who are seen in the action movies mostly. Kevin is a fitness freak and he loves to stay as fit as an athlete.

He is not a very tall person with the height of 5’4”, but he never skips his workout and thus, maintains a great physique always. Not only he does a hardcore workout but also motivates people to stay fit and go to the gym regularly. He takes part in health events and in the ongoing series he has shared about his workout routine as well as his concern about his diet. He has collaborated with Nike and organized 5 thousand runs within the country.

Kevin Hart Workout Routine and Diet plan

Kevin Hart Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Though Kevin is only 5 and a half feet tall, you cannot tell that when you see him on print or screen. That is because he has a well-trained body and personality, which overshadows the fact that he is not a tall man. Personal trainer and motivator also work with him and makes him do the intense workout.

He wakes up really early, around 5 am. He hits the gym 6 to 7 days a week, even when he does have a tight schedule of work. His workout is based on the way that makes his upper body strength. He follows circuits of exercises so he can gain lean muscle and also lose the extra fats within a short time.

Kevin Hart Workout Routine

His workout is set individually for each day. So we are here giving the day by day schedule of his workout.


This day is dedicated to arms and core. Kevin does 10 different exercises on this day.

He does pull-ups with 5 reps, air squats with 10 reps, pushups with 2 reps all in 3 sets. Later he does bench press in each set with 3,5,8,10,12 reps. It does not end here. He does tricep pushdown,  incline dumbbell press, tricep overhead extension, chest flys with cable or DB, dips and weighted planks of 60 seconds all in 3 sets with 10 reps.


He runs on Tuesday. He stretches and then runs for 5 kilometers.


This day is dedicated to his back and biceps. He completes 4 different exercises on this day. All are done in 3 sets. The routine follows like that – run for 800 meters, then pull-ups with 5 reps, air squats with10 reps, and pushups with 15 reps.


This is the day for the deadlift routine. He chooses the workout of day from the 300 workouts with deadlift variation to start and then follows it through the day.


Kevin does 11 different exercises for his shoulder and legs. He runs for 800 meters to begin the day. Then he continues with pull-ups, pushups, air squats, squats, military press, leg press, Arnold press, and hamstring curls, shoulder front raise, weighted planks for 60 seconds in three-set with 10 reps.


This is the day for cross fit. There are certain sets like Helen, Eva, Grace, Fight gone bad, Fran, Newport Crippler, Karen, Murph, and it also consists of 7 minutes of the burpee. These set workouts can be combined and varied as per the wish and convenience.

  • Helen– 400m run followed by 21 kettlebell swings of 53 pounds and 12 pullups. It is done in 3 rounds.
  • Eva – five rounds of 800m run, 30 kettlebell swings of 70 pounds, and 30 pull-ups.
  • Grace – 30 clean with jerks at 135 pounds
  • Fight gone bad – three rounds inclusive of one-minute rest between the rounds.  It consists of wall balls of 20 pounds for a 20-foot target, sumo deadlift of high pull with 75 pounds, 20-inch box jumps, push press on 75 pounds, and rowing machine.
  • Fran – he does it for 9, 15, and 21 reps. Thruster at 95 pounds and pull-ups are the exercises for this set.
  • Newport crippler – 30 back squats with an equal load of body weight, and 1-mile run.
  • Karen- 150 wall balls of 20 pounds and with a 10-foot target.
  • Murph – this one is the longest. 1 mile running, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, and again 1-mile run.

Sunday – Sunday Kevin takes rest for the full day.

Kevin Hart Workout

Kevin Hart Diet Plan

A healthy lifestyle is all Kevin wants to follow. Bread or dairy products are not on his diet list.  Other than sometimes having a cheat meal with buffalo steak or cheesesteak he usually consumes food high in protein content.

For the first meal, he takes protein shake and raw fruit. The second meal consists of white rice, vegetables, and a protein bar. On the third meal, he takes chicken steak, potato, and vegetables,  and in meal 4 he takes fish, nuts, and salad. The supplements are whey protein and alpha-amino.


Kevin admits that it takes days to reach the goal of a fit figure and health. He preaches that willpower and patience are needed to attain the perfect physique. He motivates people while on tours and participating in health events to follow a healthy lifestyle.