Maria Sharapova, the five-time-Grand slam-winner always maintains a healthy diet and a disciplined life to stay fit. She wakes up early and thus is able to use most part of the day. As she is a sportsperson, she has always been a worshipper of a healthy diet. Hard work out is also a mandatory part of her daily routine.

She believes being in sports teaches you that there will be no result of working out if the diet is not proper. Maria is quite determined about healthy diet and nutritious food. She prefers to have a healthy breakfast while she is training. So she goes for a natural green smoothie with spinach, mint, and lettuce and squeezes lemon over it.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Workout Routine and Diet Plan

This 6 ft. 2-inch lady in her 32 years is stunningly beautiful and fit. She is one of the most talented tennis players in the world. Working hard is the secret of her well-toned, supermodel-like sculpted body. However, there are times when she is not in her best mood and she goes through anxiety and stress. She has fought these monsters skillfully and now she is in her best state of mind.

Maria Sharapova Workout Routine

  • As an athlete, she does plenty of exercise daily and stays physically active by practicing the game. But that is not enough for her. So other than playing, she does a bunch of exercises to stay fit and maintain the perfect body shape.
  • She practices with her personal trainer Yutaka Nakamura, who guides this celebrity. The workouts are various so she never feels bored by following the same routine exercise.
  • She does train for six hours a day. She keeps a tab on her exercising, as she says, if one is not training for three consecutive days, chances are, he or she will start to lose the lean muscles.
  • The routine consists of circuit training, intense cardio exercise and strength training for twice in week. She does stretching, warm up jogging, then it comes to two hours of tennis, Pilates and core exercise.
  • Along with that, Maria does different outdoor exercises like yoga, salsa classes, core strengthening or interval training by biking to sand dunes or on hills. She meticulously stretches after every practice or training session.
  • She works out six days a week and one day is for relaxing her body. She goes for spa and body massage for once in a month to get rid of the tired muscles. She takes both hot and ice massages which relieve her body.
  • She is also very fond of essential oils and adds Epsom oil and lavender oils while getting the massages.
  • Five minute meditation everyday keeps her stress free.
Maria-Sharapova Workout Routine

Maria Sharapova Diet Plan

  • Chestnut bread is also her favourite which she gets from the local farmers, and she used to have it with blanched almond butter. She, being a Russian is genetically inclined to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
  • For breakfast, she loves a rye toast, goat cheese, one piece ham, and fruits. Or else she could have berries dipped in yoghurts, oatmeal and quinoa.
  • For lunch, she prefers tomato and vegetable soup with a chicken breast. She also prefers to have the bread of whole wheat grain, fish tacos or sushi.
  • In dinner, she prefers fish and rice with vegetables. Beet soup, lean meat, or sautéed chicken breast are her other options for dinner.
  • When she goes on vacation, she takes sangria for boozing.  She also gorges on food items when she is partying with her friends, as she says, it keeps her spirit high.
  • She loves to have tea in the afternoon, and she claims that staying hydrated is a necessary part of staying fit and healthy.
  • Her love for sugar is undeniable, as she has set up her own candy company called Sugarpova. She does eat a small portion of cake and other sweet food items occasionally.
  • Snacking means eating dates or green juice. She loves to have candy, and she claims to have a sweet tooth always. She devours fresh fruits like pear, apple, peaches, walnuts, organic baby food puree etc.
  • Pizza is also on her cheat meals list and she grabs one on her cheat day. She has a great liking for caffeine and she believes Australians can do it best.
  • She also loves to have dates, rice cracker and dumpling is also one of her favourite food.