Mario Lopez is a famous actor who has worked on various serials and has got fame for his superb natural acting. But this is not all, he had won the hearts of his fans, both male and female, with his lean look and infectious smile. He is an accomplished actor and he is also famous for his hardcore workout routine. He has been working for years and still he has unmatched charisma with a super fit body.

Variety of works:

He had been working since his adolescence and his physique has not changed much. Now he is a matured and poignant personality, who has taken the leap from screen to reality. He has done a few pageants hosting along with competitions hosting. He also did commentary in a few shows. He had kept his fitness regime intact and thus you can still be surprised to see how good he looks for his age.

His fitness journey from the beginning:

In some of his interviews, he had exclaimed, that fitness was his part of life since childhood. His parents were always supportive about him playing some outdoor games. He said he never used to sit idly before the television when he was young.

Mario Lopez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

When it comes to staying active and playing outdoor games, he said, it is better for the kids of present time to be competitive and stay active. This habit should be indebted from a young age, so it makes the kids do some outdoor activity even when they grew up.

Attitude towards fitness:

He says staying fit is always one of his top priorities. Taking care of one’s own body is as necessary as doing something professionally successful. Wanting to do better in every field of life is possible when you are physically fit and ready to accept any challenge.

His famous role of wrestler in the TV series “Saved by the bell” made him famous. He learnt wrestling and he felt that wrestling makes one value oneself and makes one aware of the material that is one made with. Lying down on mat makes the person know how to beat the opponent by standing up from that point.

Mario Lopez Workout Routine

His fitness regime comprises of interval training, some abs exercise, and following a healthy diet meticulously. He says enjoying the things one does for the fitness purpose is the best way to stick to the schedule.

He follows compound supersets, which includes biceps and triceps as well as chest and back and quads and hamstrings. Basically this form of exercise makes one strong by doing a single exercise for two different body parts. There are few different training drills in his workout sets.

On Monday, he does body circuit and cardio. It includes squat and press, dumbbell lunges, pushups, dumbbell rows, dumbbell swings, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns and sprint or walk intervals for sprint or walk intervals for 30 minutes.

3-4 sets of ab circuit involves tightening of core and it combines hanging leg lifts, double crunches, cable wood chopper as well as weighted decline bench press sit-ups.

Mario Lopez Workout

On Tuesday, he concentrates on boxing circuit. The box and weave drill, mitt drill, heavy bag drill, speed training drill and shadow boxing drill are part of this day workout. This boxing drill is perfect to shed the extra fats from the limbs of hand and leg.

Wednesday routine is based on total body circuit and cardio. The same exercises from Monday schedule are repeated. The dumbbell swings, bicep curls, pushups, tricep pushdowns, squat and press all are included in this day’s workout routine. He does sprint on bike or treadmill for 30 minutes.

Thursday is dedicated for his legs and glute. He does cardio workout, resistance training each for 30 minutes and 10 minutes are needed for stretching exercise.

For his abdominals and core, he works out on Friday. This day is hectic as he takes 20 minutes of high intensity interval training. Then 30 minutes of resistance training exercise and 10 minutes of stretching exercises.

He does only 20 to 30 minutes of cardio workout on Saturday and Sunday.

Mario Lopez Diet Plan

He prefers to have complex carb in the morning like oatmeal or Ezekiel bread. Then he eats some quick digesting protein like whey protein before his workout. This makes him satiated but not full while training.

Whey shake is what he likes to have after training. Faster digesting carbs are also good at this time when the training is done as the body then gets able to assimilate.

Eating healthy is a part of healthy lifestyle. So when he is travelling and maintaining a busy schedule, he prefers to carry homemade food along with him. According to him, it is the best way to stay away from junk food or know the right amount of nutrition is going to your system.


Taking a positive attitude towards life and work hard to make the dream come true is the actual motivation that works for every person.  Not only following constructed workout schedule,  but also eating all kinds of food containing carb, protein or fat in the right amount should be the ideal way to stay lean and fit.