Mike Tyson is one of the most ferocious boxers that would come into heavyweight boxing. He is one of the explosive boxers with many of his matches that end with his knocking on the opposite in the first round.

As a heavyweight boxer, he holds great speed, power and agility with the strength to stand on. He is for the reason considered as the greatest boxer of all times with his skills as a talented boxer.

Mike Tyson

Starts his day

Mike Tyson starts his day with jogging at 4.30 am and he is dedicated to his performance. As a 52-year-old professional boxer he holds the record of being the third-longest undisputed championship reign and was the youngest man to simultaneously win the WBA, WBC and IBF world titles just at age of 20 years.

He is well known for his ferocious boxing style as he was one of the greatest punchers and hardest hitters in heavyweight boxing history. His great power as well as he bears the ability to knock out even the toughest of the opponents which makes him most feared fighters. His height is around 5’ 10’’ and he weighs about 222 to 240 lbs.

Mike Tyson Diet Plan

As per his nutritional intake, the diet consists of 3000 to 4000 calories of carbohydrates and proteins. These are for building the right amount of body muscles and mass. Taking a look at his daily food contains:-

  • The breakfast contains oatmeal with milk and vitamins.
  • Lunch contains rice with chicken breasts and orange juice.
  • Snacks contain protein shake with 6 bananas.
  • Dinner contains pasta with steak with tropical juices.

The diet is really not for a common man and a man like Tyson. With this, he does a crazy set of exercise that would make up his diet with an iron body that strengthens daily training routine. It was in 2010 when mike was reported to turn vegan. The reason was his illness due to drugs and cocaine. His health issues were revealed to include high blood pressure and arthritis.

Mike Tyson Workout Routine

 Mike Tyson workout routine includes:

  • 45 minutes running or jogging at 4.00 am.
  • 2000 squats.
  • 500 tricep extensions.
  • 500 pushups.
  • 500 shrugs with 30 kilos.
  • 500 neck crunches.
  • 10- 20 round in the ring.
  • 2 of aerobic exercises.
  • 45 minutes of technical training.
  • Cardio after dinner.

Mike Tyson Boxing Training

Mike Tyson training as a boxer doesn’t really end with his diet and exercise but continues to a set of training which is equally important.

Mike Tyson Workout


Cus made mike with a punch for rounds as fast and as hard as he could that would make sure that he is perfect from this and he also practices moving his head 2-3 times after punching or combo which would let him hit but not to get hit.

Punching heavy bags

In his early career, working with the bag with about developing perfect form, power and combinations. He is the one who performed defensive movements every time he threw a punch or combo. It was Cus who gradually increased the weight of the punching bags and it was Mike Tyson who hit heavier bags that was believed to have gone up to 300 lbs.


The sparring session is just the practice fight but was a real fight. Seasoned heavyweight professional were bought to the cus’s gym for sparing with mike. At the time and still, he was a scary fighter as he would hurt and punish everyone he sparred within the ring. During the time of the sparring sessions, it was mike who avoided wearing a headgear.

Mitt workout

Mike Tyson was helped by Kevin Rooney who trained him on the pads. His focus was mainly on slipping and countering. It involved dodging the punches that were directed towards him.

Slip bag training

It’s a prominent training bag that was with Cus at his gym. Even there were many boxers who practised with him. This helped him to get the timing of his head movement right and the time to slip motion without perceiving it by sight.

Neck workouts

It’s the size that matters for someone. Mike had a huge neck which was around 20 – 22 inches. This was achieved by him with exercises like wrestler neck bridges in sets of 3 and reps for 10 minutes. 500 shoulder shrugs throughout the day using 30 – 75 kg barbell.

Mental training

Mike developed his boxing IQ by watching a lot of recording and tapes of legendary boxers. He analyzed and grabbed what they did perfectly as well as he tried to find and sorted his mistakes on his own.

Some more facts:

As like professional boxers, it is necessary to understand what you are consuming. Being a professional boxer it was not that easy for him to check out what to do and how to manage with such great health. For creating a great boxing machine it is necessary to feed it with best and more important right building blocks.

For staying healthy and fit it is not necessary that you eat less. But you should understand what you are eating. Being a professional boxer he consumed on average of 5,500 calories a day which is almost double that you take on daily. But most important is to remove fat from the diet. That’s what would make you eat the right one.

Tyson’s daily rigorous exercises

Mike Tyson before jogging in the morning do a lot of stretching exercises which is followed by 10 jumps onto boxes and 10 bursts of sprints. He would then jog. At around 12 PM he sparred. Then at 3 PM, he focused on mitt work and heavy bag work inside the ring. He then warmed up for his ring work with light exercises like skipping, shadow boxing or speedball.

At 5 pm Tyson did around 10 quick circuits and each circuit consists of 200 sit-ups, then 25- 40 dips. After that they can follow up with 50 press-ups, then 25- 40 dips and 50 shrugs followed by 10 min of neck work on the floor. Tyson said that the shrugs are what made his shoulders up to help him punch given his short arms.